Denver's got some really good skating. Check out this clover bowl Adam Walzcak (tailslide guy) took me to. The owner was rad and everyone getting pretty dern serious in thur. Full view of the Colorado mountains to boot.

This is Swellbow's dog. He likes to chase doods in the tranny.

My lady (Nieve) took me to her school project site for Landscape Architecture. These awesome lights are underneath some railroad tracks in the middle of industrial Denver. Good find, felt like I was in some Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.

The New Denver Art Museum blew me away. The architecture in itself is worth touring the museum let alone the dope opening exhibits. Not too sure about some of the exterior sculpture though and the museums logo and signage are hideous, especially attached to such an amazing building.

Check out how the point of the balcony perfectly frames downtown D-town

And how this side frames the mountains while cropping off the city elements of the view

This big blue bear is new since last time. He's checking out the guts of the Denver Convention Center. I like him way more than the giant white dancers in front of the Performing Arts Center- those guys dumb. Although a friend told me that someone took a paint gun and splattered their crotches with red paint. Bloody genital regions are pretty neat.

Then it was on to the Museum of Contemporary Art | Denver to check out Erwin Redl's "FADE". It was a single room in the space's temporary location filled with LED lights that slowly faded in a single glow around the circular environment.

not so cool with the lights on: