Aside from the fact that the streets sparkle (from broken glass) West Oakland has some other gems worth seeing.

I love my neighborhood. A 3 mile bike ride down 7th street takes you to this. Somebody told me that San Franciscan's have a view of Oakland, but Oakland has this beautiful view of San Francisco.

Also peeped this dope dumpster painting just sitting out in the middle of nowhere.

This last one doesn't really fit in, but this was in a store window in Berkeley. I'm pretty sure there's a secret way to open it. Green smoke will bellow out and you'll be taken into another dimension.


Our homies Robbie Bolick and Lesley Reppeteaux were in town, so Dan and Casey's Christmas present to all of us (Rob, Les, Tadashi, Greg, Megan and myself) was to cook up some'fin scrumptious. They made these stuffed peppers filled with goodness and 7 different kinds of rice.

Lesley is prepping for her year in Paris:

After filling our face holes, we headed over to Greg and Megan's to make ornaments for their 'lil Christmas tree. I used the grape stems for antlers on my Santa with a combover box-head dood.

Tadashi's skull cork

Rob's broken belt buckle ornament

Rob's upsidown skull cross

Rob's ornament of pain

Re-appropriated Halloween decorations

Dan & Thriller: Out

Team Boliteaux had to do a little work in our studio

On our way to the Redwoods. Right about here things started to get real weird.

Then weirder. Its a fort, get it?

Then uncontrollably weird. I think Lesley is peeing herself a wee bit in this photo.

Dan's cookies beat out my stovetop burned smores, although I recommend those too.


Then everything got pretty white and nerdy til the sun came up.


Denver's got some really good skating. Check out this clover bowl Adam Walzcak (tailslide guy) took me to. The owner was rad and everyone getting pretty dern serious in thur. Full view of the Colorado mountains to boot.

This is Swellbow's dog. He likes to chase doods in the tranny.

My lady (Nieve) took me to her school project site for Landscape Architecture. These awesome lights are underneath some railroad tracks in the middle of industrial Denver. Good find, felt like I was in some Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.

The New Denver Art Museum blew me away. The architecture in itself is worth touring the museum let alone the dope opening exhibits. Not too sure about some of the exterior sculpture though and the museums logo and signage are hideous, especially attached to such an amazing building.

Check out how the point of the balcony perfectly frames downtown D-town

And how this side frames the mountains while cropping off the city elements of the view

This big blue bear is new since last time. He's checking out the guts of the Denver Convention Center. I like him way more than the giant white dancers in front of the Performing Arts Center- those guys dumb. Although a friend told me that someone took a paint gun and splattered their crotches with red paint. Bloody genital regions are pretty neat.

Then it was on to the Museum of Contemporary Art | Denver to check out Erwin Redl's "FADE". It was a single room in the space's temporary location filled with LED lights that slowly faded in a single glow around the circular environment.

not so cool with the lights on:


Another year for my favorite holiday. I love it when Halloween is on a weekday so there ends up being two Halloween weekend nights on top of All Hallows Eve itself. Unfortunately the Castro was closed off for Halloween night due to last year's stabbings, etc. So we started off here at my friend Domonique's house in Nobb Hill/TL.

Euro-trash Dan

Domonique's boyfriend wins my best costume of the weekend. He built his own segway out of a scooter and miscellaneous parts. Sweet helmet too.

Check out the cardboard instrument panel. Later he bombed a couple hills until a wheel fell off.

This is their bike makin' and fixin' area.


Euro-trash Daryll

Headed over to the mission and at some point Double Dutch. I dig their neon chandeliers.

$2 Olys all the time

The bet was that they'd play Bel Biv Devoe. Tadashi and Dan had to take off their shirts for the whole song. They didn't that bar plays middle school dance music.

Pre-crunk Dan

Brad & Angelina

Ran into Mike Cheese outside and Dan gave him his light up belt buckle.

End of night Dan & Thriller

Next night out to Slim's to check out Hightower. Here's Casey getting down on some kareoke.

We all wish we could forget Tadashi's "My Way"

Casey, the Ghetto Tooth Fairy

"Tasloshi" end of night