Gigantic 'Cloudbursting' Hazy IPA

Gigantic Cloudbursting beer label
With great effervescent elation I'm happy to share this new hazy IPA bottle release from the talented brewmasters of Gigantic Brewing!

Gigantic Cloudbursting beer bottle
This particular brew is collaboration between Gigantic (Portland, OR) and Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing. It was kismet when the name 'Cloudbursting' was passed my way and though there was some concept exploration, this idea came to fruition rather quickly and I'm super happy with the end result.

Part of the fun of working with Gigantic (other than the creative freedom, trust, and great suds) is getting to choose a quote that compliments the art and/or the beer to adorn the label. I went with this one from good ol' Al Einstein, which fit perfectly in relating to my current work, the beer, and the 'art' of drinking itself:

“Creativity is one of those hypnotic words which are prone to cast a spell upon our understanding and dissolve our thinking into haze.”

Gigantic and Bailey's Taproom also partnered up for the National Brain Tumor Society for the beer's initial release, which was very cool to hear about and hits home for a few reasons.

Gigantic Cloudbursting tap handle
We just so happened to be on our annual summer Oregon Coast/Portland adventure during the brewery's release of Cloudbursting, so we dropped in with some buddies to drink some of that deliciously hazy devil juice!

Van Havig of Gigantic Brewing
Thank you for all the hospitality Van!

Kiss the bottle
*Wife approved

Drinking friends
Sure miss these Oakland-PDX transplants!

Gigantic cheers
Mmmmmm...dissolving into haze indeed.

Don't be a Richard

Gigantic Cloudbursting bottle
Craft Beer Nerdery:
Cloudbursting Hazy IPA is described as a super juicy, soft and fluffy IPA loaded with Experimental Hop 522, Citra, Crystal and Simcoe hops creating a tropical, citrusy and dank deliciousness.

Tasting Notes: Candied Citrus, Tangerine, Pineapple, Ripe Strawberry, dank
Malts: NW Pale, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats, Demerara Sugar
Hops: Experimental Hop 522, Citra, Crystal, Simcoe, Nugget
Color: Hazy Gold
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 58

Gigantic Brewing Cloudbursting Hazy IPA fine art poster print
16"x20" Art Posters! 

Dig it the art? Dig the Beer? Both? Grab yourself a fancy poster available here.

Gigantic's artist label posters are printed with high quality inks on heavy matte paper, bagged in mylar and rolled in a 3 inch sturdy cardboard tube. $60, shipping included with some stickers t'boot.

Thank you Gigantic, Rob Reger and Buzz Parker for getting me on board for beer #71. I'm honored to be among the superb roster of beer-loving artists and friends to grace their quiver of delicious quaffs. BTW, these will be gone soon, so grab some where you can, while you can. Cheers!