Finally got to go on this family trip that I've missed every year of my life til now. A pack of us (doods only) herd-in from all over Nevada, Oregon, California, etc to Northern Nevada to camp for a week during "Chukar Season". Chukar is a bird for those of you that didn't grow up in the sticks.

Just passed Gerlach, NV. All that wispy stuff that looks like clouds is actually a sandstorm over a dry lake bed called the Black Rock Desert. Its the same playa where Burning Man is held. I actually got pulled over on the way out here for 70 in a 35, but my mustache and my Dad's serious huntin' truck with firefighter plates prevailed.

Visibility was about 10 feet here


View behind us once we cleared the sandstorm


I saw this guy cross the road, so we stopped. I had never seen on before, so I chased him down for a better look. He looks oddly calm in these photos. He was much more hissy and snarly in real time.

First night at camp

It was really cold up there, but the oven and whiskey kept us warm

If you got too cold, you could always take a dip in the 100 degree natural hot spring with unnatural chairs and table.

The whole crew

Dogs had to stay warm too

These historical posts were scattered here and there with writings from the early settlers going through that specific area. Check out the spelling.

Settler graffiti

This was written in a cave all with axle grease from the wagons

That little white spec in the middle out there was our compound

Last night of Rook


Showing friends the mile-high city helps to appreciate being back in this place for a bit. Here's Gurzi up from LA at Night of the Living Shred at Benders:

And Greg's in town for a few days before heading down to New Orleans to help rebuild some homes with some co-workers from Chronical Books. Here he is across the way in the guts of the Denver Art Museum.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Walking up on an elk herd


This bull was trying to get up on some ladies. One just ran away and he's all "WHAT? I'm the only dood here" It always amazes me how strange elks' calls are. Sounds like a chipmunk screaming.

You're loss bitches

Beavs at work

Tree restart

Sunken house

Greg's happy to be here


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