MELVINS Poster - The Venue, Vancouver, BC

Melvins Poster
Hey Butty! Who like's creepy butts and they cannot lie? Got a new split-fountain Melvins poster here for ya. Go grab youself a heini!

Melvins Poster numbered

Melvins Poster signature

Melvins Poster detail
Hey butty!

Melvins Poster scale
For scale

• 18"x24" (standard frame size)
• Edition of 100. Hand signed and numbered.
• Dual split fountain, 3 color hand-printed silkscreen gig poster.
• Printed on thick 100lb archival cover stock
• Printed by Monolith Press in Alameda, CA
• Posters ship numerically by order number in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round mailing tube
* Limit 2 per customer

Available now in my shop.
Check that dual split fountain silkscreen printing thanks to the masterful printing of Monolith Press! So smoooove.

Artist roster for the Melvins' Pinkus Abortion Technician tour with Jeff Pinkus and Steven McDonald on bass! Heavy shit man.

Thanks Melvins and Secret Serpents for having me out to the Great American Music Hall show here in SF! That dual bass had the place a'rattlin' and the naughty parts a'tinglin'.

Remastered - Faultline Artspace, Oakland

Pulsatory Oblivion Joy Division Album Cover remaster
Pulsatory Oblivion (12"x12" acrylic on panel)

My contribution to “Remastered - An Album Cover Art Show, in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the 12" LP

Pulsatory Oblivion detail

I've been on a black and white linear bender lately and when asked to contribute to this show, the iconic Unknown Pleasures album, by Joy Division, was the first thing that popped into my head. After brainstorming for a day and reminiscing through my youthful musical influences and phases, I circled back around to this black and white beauty, created by then Factory Records designer, Peter Saville:

In the process, I found this inspiring interview with Peter Saville in which he explains where the image came from, why the band needed to have it, and what it represents. I'm not going to spoil it and highly recommend you give it a quick watch:

And while we're on the subject of film, Control is an amazing movie about the afflicted life of Ian Curtis and the story of Joy Division:

“Remastered” opens Saturday night, July 21st from 6-9pm at Faultline Artspace (815 High St, Oakland, CA). See a slew of iconic album cover homages from all these talented folks:

Shaun Burner, Franceska Gamez, Max Kauffman, Safety First, John Honton, Jared Roses, Jon Carling, Daryll Peirce, Sparkles Positron, Nome Edonna, Lee Harvey Roswell, Emonic, David Fullarton, Lisa Pisa, Azul Cuéllar, Dara Lorenzo, Chris Granillo, Melanin Buford, Dean Stuart, Derek Moore, Zachary Sweet, Cameron Thompson, Santos Shelton, Joe Mur, Madeleine Tonzi, Rafael Tapia Iii, Girl On Bus, Ally Burke, Rocky Angel, Sendy Santamaria , Chris Micro, Will Atwood, Alex Sodari, Montana Manalo, Pawn Paint, Jose Di Gregorio, Leaveswell, Jared Tharp, Peggy Crovetto, Ozi Magana, Bill Prochnow, Armando Resendez, Kimlynh Chun, Avi Shorer, Ryan Mcjunkin, Raul D' Mauries, Felicia Ann, Mario Navasero

Curated by Los Tres Amigos

There will be music, local craft beer, food and art available for purchase. The event venue, which is also the studio of over 20 local artists, will be open for all to visit during the show. Kids are welcomed! Admission is FREE!