New York is a city. I went there again to get down with some painting, friends, family, and a court date (more on that later).

The Electric Windows gathering went really well, with an impressive mélange of artists and styles. The work will be up for a year on this old electric blanket factory in the beautifully sleepy upstate town of Beacon, NY. Open Space Gallery work will be up til June 7th. Here's the finished wall at twilight.

Upso's was the first piece to go up. The building is directly across the street from Open Space.

Happy to see Tina again.

Just getting started on the first night in a huge garage at Jeff and Nicole's (from Beacon art supply) house.

Tina Darling
and Coolhunting


Mr. Kiji

Sabotaz supplied all the paint

Jim Darling
getting everyone started by throwing down some color and Dan Weise.

Mr Kiji, John (VJ), DJ Bobby C, Elbow Toe, and Martin.

Riisa is a ball of pure energy...nonstop fun.

Satan the cat would not let me sleep.

Painting day was sunny and beautiful with a large crowd turnout. Here's Ripo painting a thumb. Most of the live music was really good too.

Jim Darling

Lady Pink


'Merican trash

Elbow Toe and Mr. Kiji


My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Neil came up from Holbrook

Logan Hicks came up for the day with his gal Kristen and son Sailor. Logan generously provided all the paint through Sabotaz.

Sailor man.

My drying finished piece

Andy Titus and Jim

Nicole at the Next Step afterparty

Alisson and Garrison of Peripheral Media Projects and AdHoc.

T.C. and Kevin

DJ Bobby C and John. Bobby is far from as serious as he looks in this photo.

Tina and Anya. This looks way cooler than it actually was.

Cycle and Tina.

Sunday was a little rainy and dreary, which I really like. Seems to fit the town well.

Tina wraping things up in the rain.

Dan Funderburgh


Crooked windows

The organizers Jeff and Nicole from Beacon Art Supply and Kalene and Dan from Open Space, Thundercut, Sherbert, & Coney Island Shortcakes.

Finished and hung.

The rest of the NY trip...

First night till 6am, good way to start. Here's Jesse Jones and Mars who kindly posted me up.

Mars, friend (sorry), Kristal, and neon.

Superbad was there.

Headed out to Long Island to see some family. We ended up driving out to Montauk Point which is the far eastern end of Long Island and NY. Horseshoe crabs really creep me out... do goats' eyes.

We took my Aunt & Uncle's niece to an animal preserve.

Checked out Negative Approach who are touring again after many years.

Headed out to the AdHoc Gallery in Williamsburg/Bushwick to check out this "Thread of Chance" show and talk about future stuff. Josh MacPhee, Billy Mode, Chris Stain and The Polaroid Kidd's installation was damn impressive.

Here's a quick vid walk-through.

Not too far away is Logan Hicks' studio where he's prepping for his large solo show in London at Black Rat Press.

Arvay was out from LA for a month helping to get things done.

Logan's working on some dope shit, but I'm going to abstain from showing anything until after the London show. Keep a lookout.

Jesse and I walked down to DUMBO for some artness.

Stopped by his work studio to pick up some stickers. Rad space with a great view of the bridge.

First stopped at Halcyon to see Motomichi and his show. Here's Jesse, Motomichi and his wife Pilar.

Thundercut created their sign.

Motomichi's work.

Around the corner was a Concrete Alchemy wall going down.

The NYC Tattoo Convention was happening, so there were several accompanying shows and gatherings. This spot has left my memory, but amazing work and cool peeps, just not this guy.

Again, can't remember her name, but amazing artwork and a damn good tattoo artist from what I hear. We got some vegan junk food with her and some friends of Jesse's around the corner.

This is at Dan, Kalen and Easton's house after Electric Windows. If you live in NY, you've seen Thundercut's "Walkers". They created a life size one that lit up with the help of the GRL for the Spring St project.

Easton woke us up early so I took a stroll around their 12 acre upstate property.

Dan & Kalene quit their design/advertising jobs to sell shortcakes on Coney Island for a summer. Here's one of their handmade signs. Brilliant.

Back to the city.

This is one of those bars that cost $1000 to rent a booth for a night and they don't let anyone in. Whoohoo, $15 beer night! Luckily we knew the bartender. Ended up drinking the rest of the night for essentially for free at another spot with Ripo, his brother, and most of this crew here. Can't really be sharing those photos though.

Back at Jesse's. He has this little sticker piece Phil Frost did for him years ago when he was singing for the band Yuppicide.