Exuberance Found

I'll be taking some rather large installs and new work down south this January for my first show of 2011–"Exuberance Found". Three person show at Distinction Gallery in Escondido alongside Chris Murray and Mike Maxwell.

Opening reception is on January 8, 2011 from 6-10pm. 317 E Grand Ave., Escondido, CA 92025.

Art Basel Miami 2010 Wrap Up

"Forever Again" by Jim Darling seemed like a great image to encapsulate my 4th year at Basel Miami. This year was plagued by debilitating back pain and kept me off ladders and scaffolding, so unfortunately I wasn't able to get down on a wall this year.

On a good note, I brought a mural with me under the plane (see below), I was able to check out a ton of inspiring, overwhelming, underwhelming, beautiful, terrible, amazing work, meet some new impassioned individuals, and see some great folks I rarely get to see these days. 

A few quick pics from Pulse art fair.

Mosques, churches and synagogues built out of black, copper and petina'd bullets, uzis and other assault weapon parts. The piece above has explosion damage. Blatant and beautiful.

My favorite exhibit here was Gregory Euclid's work at David B Smith. His work steadily gets more involved and meticulously embellished. Displaying all the crates and waste used to ship his work, Greg created dioramas within viewable through tiny peep holes meant for cell phone cameras.

This image just made me smile and seemed super Miami. If Miami had hills or an LA skyline.

As with every year, the works inside all the fairs are great and all, but being outside and checking out the works going up fast and quickly transforming the environment are where its at for me. Here's Jeff Soto getting busy on his Wynwood Wall.

Kalene Rivers in front of Jeff's finished wall

Another Jeff Soto collab with Maxx242

Ron English

Met up with Jim and Tina Darling and Eugene Good who had been collecting crap for days to build this massive and ambitious piece for Primary Flight

Carrying fingers

Mars and Doze pieces at Levine.

Logan Hicks getting busy on his spot for Wynwood Walls.

A windy and blue day

Logan's finished wall.


SF in Miami

Friends with You

Galo's got a new Miami hat.

Galo and Pixel Poncho's finished wall.

RC Cola compound


This lurker was another favorite

Bad trip dood! Pull up, pull up.

Had the pleasure of seeing Martha Cooper again and riding around a bit.

Here's a photo Martha took of our '09 wall from 12ozProphet.

Made some live painting ducets whilst I was there alongside SurgeDabs & MylaPeat Wollaeger, and Jeremiah Garcia, who hooked it up for Global Inheritance. 

Apparently, I also face paint–with a black gesso and india ink blend. That's not coming off for a while.

Got to see Alex Yanes quite a bit this trip.

Jeremiah's finished recycling can.

These were donated to a local middle school as proved by the above photo. Earth911 did a little article on the thing here.

I had the majority of my work this year at Art Whino's "The Takeover" exhibit alongside some talented artists and good people like Joe Iurato here.

One of Joe's street pieces elsewhere.

Dan Weise helping Jim and Tina Darling get their mural up.

Peat's Eyes.

Angry Woebots, Josh Taylor, Paul and Ruben Ubiera

James Walker

My finished mural I brought as 40 2'x2' panels successfully smuggled under the plane in a 96lb box. That could be part of the reason my back was fucked for the trip.

Good seeing Chris Stain again who dropped some Dad and art guy knowledge for me. Here's Chris with friend Jaque Fragua–nice fella.

Joe Iurato and Chris Stain. Definitely one of my favorite walls/spaces tucked away next door.

Ekundayo and Pixel Pancho also got busy next door.

Bay Area homies Derek Weisberg and Marcos LaFarga

Charlie Owens and Tina

Photo from Jeremiah Garcia.

My homie Sarah Potter came by with the girls


Sergio's finished wall. Its is about a kid really wanting a Hello Kitty, but getting Karate Cat instead. All the animals in the frames are family pets either buried in his backyard pet cemetery, or pets he made up to give his kids some good stories. They all had amazing names that I wish I could remember.

Dabs and Myla's giant wall. I'm loving the boobage and cock'n ball characters.

Mr Jago, Ron English and Tristan Eaton


More Mr Jago

Remi Rough and Stormie Mills

Alex One

Chaz kicking off art recess, phase one

Boob crusher

Jordan Seiler and Galo. Check that timing.

Epic karaoke. Video exists–noooooo...

Lister and new friend

London Police, Will Barras, Ema and Kid Acne

Quick visit to Scope. Dennis Mcnett piece for Joshua Liner.



A favorite by TYPOE

Christo and Jean-Claude

Kris Kuksi

Neato magnetic float-spinning plate on board dealio

Kids were having so much fun running through this outdoor piece until they got yelled at. Made me want to do more interactive work for the youngens who get hated on by all the snobbery.

Roa's wall was massive. There's a whole other section I didn't get off to the left.

Jeremiah on horn-ed scooter patrol

Art recess 2

Lister + Dodge Viper

Burning Candy and Ice Cream Man


How and Nasm. Ridiculous.


Deus. Terrible photos of good work...


Last day cuban coffee with M-City, Jeremiah, IceCreamMan and Cory. I also ordered a "wheat smoothie" which ended up being Sugar Smacks blended with ice.

M-City's (my roomy for the trip) had a rough time getting to Miami from Poland with all the European storms. On top of that, the airline lost his bag of stencils. They finally arrived the last day. Since no more scaffolding or equipment was available, the Ice Cream Man, stepped in.

Jim, Tina and Eugene also wrapped things up.

For much better images of all things Primary Flight, check out Jeremiah Garcia (official photographer) photos here.

Miami Vice!