The Underbelly Project

Chaos looming from above as images and video are released from the depths below New York. It's been a long time coming and I'm proud to have my work a part of The Underbelly Project, living subversively somewhere under the city that never sleeps.

New York Times video and article.
London Times article.
Robots Will Kill images.

Much more coming soon...

Just One Bite & Zombowie

Happy Halloween! I just finished up this Zombowie drawing for Saturday night's "Just One Bite" show at Space Gallery in SF. Come and join the walking dead as homie's Jason Vivona and Mike Apocalypse get evil on the turntables, spinning doom, death and all things Hallowed. It's a zombie-based show with art about zombies, death, gore, blood, maggots, worms, rotting, brains, etc. 8:00 PM, get there.

(Updated) Prints, shirts, etc available here:

Paulina Opal Peirce

Our daughter, Paulina Opal Peirce was born at 1:50pm on Oct 1st. It was a long intense journey and scary at times, but we are all finally happy, healthy and together at home.

Onto the next chapter...