R/GA Lecture Series

This Friday, June 10 from 4:30pm- 6:00pm, John Trippe, Courtney Fink and myself will be saying some words at R/GA San Francisco and hopefully having a conversation with you.

"John Trippe, Courtney Fink and Daryll Peirce will be talking about the art scene in San Francisco, both from the perspective of the artist (Daryll Peirce) and from the Curators (John Trippe, Courtney Fink). They all have a unique perspective as they have been contributing to it significantly for quite a while.

John will also be talking about running a successful multi-media web site and how that has brought him to the gallery culture.

John and Courtney both have experience with the full spectrum of the scene, from Low-Brow to High-Brow. Daryll has extensive experience working with curators to get his work into shows all over the world.

Artists interested in trying to break in to the gallery culture, as well as people from all walks of life who frequent the art scene won't want to miss this event!"

Hmm, hoping to talk less about the symantics of gallery/curator/artist issues and more about harvesting creativity and various engaging ways to bring it to the public eye, but we shall see...

Panelist info:
John Trippe: FecalFace.com & FFDG
Courtney Fink: Southern Exposure
Daryll Peirce: DaryllPeirce.com

Facebook Invite here.

For those looking to be bribed, there will be a keg from San Francisco's own Muffin Street Brewery and rumor has it that there will be a lively evening after the discussion.