Robbie and Lesley flew in at the same time. We checked out our old art school RMCAD at its new location. When we nt to school it was two shitty office buildings florescent lighting. Now they have their own full campus with historical buildings and a watertower close to Casa Bonita.

After, we headed to Nieve's parents house to visit them and her grandparents. Lesley was pretty excited that they had an accordian to try out.

Nieve, Lesley, grandpa Howie, and daddy Pete

Robbie wailed on it too

Eat at Watercourse if you go to Denver, especially if you are vegetarian

Nice work on the walls by Ravi Zupa

Headed with the whole in town crew to Estes Park for Jim and Tina's wedding. We started the trip off good with a 30 pack and a bottle of whiskey sess in our cabin til 9am.

Dan, Robbie, Jack

I don't think Nieve knows what I wrote on her hands yet

Dan has way better photos of the debauchery and most of the trip here.


As Casey said, letting out our inner meat heads

Lesley woke up and made us breakfast. "Lesley for president!" - best quote of the trip.

Took the beer for a hike and ran across these two

Damn good foodin'

Jim and Tina at their reception.

Roper and Skid. Rad doods up from Dallas that I hung out with every day for 2 years.

Rob and Les just got back from their year in Paris and Berlin. They brought some goodies for us including Ejaculada...for men. Eww.


Rocky Mtn National Park hike. Robbie, Jack and Casey

After reception BBQ. Maria, Anya, Tina, Lesley and Marilee

Back in Denver I had to take the wizard to the Wizard's Chest.


Caaaaaaaaaa, can you hear the eagle soar?


Met up with White Nick at his house. Apparently a meth lab blew up across the street at 4am that morning. They were still cleaning up and testing substances at 3pm.

Front porch view of the action. Nick and Rosy.

Nick and I headed to the mountains to escape the heat and get a little fishing in. We drove around on mountains for hours before we finally found (Animal) Chin's Lake. Saw some trees with fresh bear markings on 'em too.

Nick on the fly

There was a tree snag or 7

Sunset on the way back

Went camping with our friends Adam and Erica outside of Bailey, CO. Here's a close up of the state flower, the Columbine.


Nieve, Erica, Adam, Oscar, and Clare

Now I know where to go if I kill someone

Adam trying out for a VW Golf commercial


Rosy had never jumped on a train. So on our ride back from the edge of West Oakland I got her to hop on one. Seems like something everyone needs to do at least once in their life.


No time for planning this one, when all else fails, drink all day in the sun at Dolores Park. Dan and everyone else were latered by the time we got their.

Casey & Sadie

Tadashi getting thrusty




Friends of friends and baby of friends of friends


Jesse, Greg, Ryan & Zdenda checking out fireworks

On the ferry the next day

Cables, wires, lines and arrows. I love the streets of SF.

Ended up at 111 Minna for some reason. These portraits were all made up of objects directly relating to the subject. Pretty fun to look at.