Adios Colorado...again

My girlfriend Nieve just graduated and we're moving back to Oakland so we celebrated like this.

Bobby C graciously headed up the tables for the night. Check out some of this video stuff he's mixing and scratching on-the-fly!


6 cop cars attended.

Packing up at Dusty's for a 4 Corners skate/camp trip. Log coping session.

Set up first night in the rain and didn't realize we were in the killing fields sleeping in the hunters' gutting area.

Breakfast at the Hungry Logger

Aztec New Mexico
. Hard to explain how hard, but fun this place is. Coping ranged from river rock to rebar, but absolutely no steel.

Swellbow comin' straight from the underground.

Dusty over the stairs.

Imminent disaster.

Joel's frontside air over Fruit Snacks

No more photos of Durango, Ridgeway, camping etc. Colorado cheers.