PARIS 2007

Went to visit our friends Lesley Reppeteaux and Rob Bolick in their new Parisian home for a couple weeks. The trip was amazing and there were too many photos to blog, so I created this slideshow HERE.

As for videos, this is what we woke up to every morning. I filmed this to get the sound, but got lucky with this. Watch the two kids in the middle.

Here's us being ignorent jackasses before the drinking got serious.

And this is at 8am that night/morning after Rob and I went out around 3am with moustaches drawn on our faces. Rob's impersonating a dealer who approached them while getting off the train when they first arrived. They said he was about 40 going on 98 and spoke in creepy raspy voice while smoke bellowed through his teeth. This seems like a good impersonation. I slept til 6pm after this...lame.