Had to do some New Year's cleaning by calling in the stache removers. I won't fret though as I was able to preserve it and simultaneously forever gross out my girlfriend by preserving it behind glass. It's also on its own smaller cut out piece of paper, so whenever I'm having withdrawals and getting phantom twirl sensations, I can take it out for a stroll again. Also renting it for $3 a night if you're interested.

We'll always have the Yankee Trader

Missing you...4 eva, Daryll


Wanted to go somewhere relaxing and new for Christmas, so we headed up to Portland and Boston. It was really cold, but relaxing. A big Nor'Easter came in and dropped about 4' the day before we got there.

This basically sums it up.

Dunkies is everywhere here. There's a flatiron-ish corner in dawntawn Bawstawn with a Dunken Donuts next to a Starbucks, next to another Dunkies.

Meet Walter and dinner.

Walter's parents and Rosy. Chris and Abbey made this huge Seaside dinner for us. Amazing.

I'm a sucker for marinating critters in formaldehyde, especially ones that leak. Check out that coffee ring.

These little egg-pod-sub-woofers were cool too.

Dug this painting, but I can't remember any of the gallery names we checked out.

Setting out the trash on your snow pile.

Rosy falling face first into some deep snow on the coast.

Beautifully lit graveyards

Canned spotted dick. Chris got a case of it from his brother for Christmas.

Neighbor clearing his terrace roof

Don't know how this happens in nature, looks like an older Goldsworthy piece.

Miner graffiti

I liked these light pods

Reminded me of these "life husks" I was painting for a while...and will probably paint again.

Getting serious now.

Sammy's grave right off the side of the road in Boston

The headstone artwork in this cemetery was amazing

So yeah, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Ben's family, its all here. Sooo much history here and a lot of it is free and easily visited in a day.

Had to.

Paul's house is old.

Got together with Nate from San Diego and his sister who were in town for the holidays and went to the oldest functioning bar in New England (not shown). It was a little moldy.

ART BASEL MIAMI 2007 : Well Worth the Hype

Miami was completely taken over in early December with Art Baselness. I had no idea of the scale of this thing and am officially art-overloaded. Ran into so many friends and familiar faces and met some damn cool peeps. Definitely going again next year and so should you! I went down there originally for my Heist show at Charcoal Stuodios, but got invited to do permission wall as part of the Primary Flight project (thanks Logan and Books). Definitely in with good company there. The Heist show was crazy too with myself, Madsteez, Greg Lamarche, Motomichi Nakamura, Chad Robertson, Anthony Lister, Matthew Waldman, Bigfoot, Jesse Ledoux, an amazing space, indoor swimming pools, "celebrities" and all. So, on with it then– got a lovely bouquet of coverage here for the Miami Art Basel Experience:

Juxtapoz coverage of our adventures thanks to Logan Hicks.
Fecal Face "Primary Flight" coverage
Jux coverage of "Primary Flight".
Slam Hype Coverage of "Primary Flight".
The Cool Hunter "Primary Flight" coverage.
Logan also made this dope video of "Primary Flight" up on Wooster Collective and Juxtapoz.

The above links are the best source for good photos, however, I also uploaded a shit ton to this link HERE if your so inclined to check out more dope art and us never sleeping. Someone always knew someone so we ended up with vip steez in fucked up club clubs. All with varying high levels of douchebaggery. I'm not freshly acquainted with the shiny shirt lifestyle, but hey almost everything was catered with free drinks, so, when in Rome. Thanks Logan, Peat, and Jeremiah for offering up some floor room in the loveley Travel Inn. Worth all 1 &1/2 stars.


I've been tappin' the Rockies and living a mile high up in Denver for the last few months creating work for the following exhibitions. If you're in the Miami or Soutthern California areas this week, please come on out. I'll be in Miami for the extent of Art Basel so perhaps I'll see you there?

Heist Poster

12.5.07 to 12.9.07 - HEIST - ART BASEL, MIAMI

Miami Heist show will be held at Charcoal Studios (2135 NW 1st Street (Wynwood district bordering the Design District) from December 5th - 9th during Art Basel and will include artists, Madsteez, Motomichi Nakamura, Greg Lamarche, Daryll Peirce, Matthew Waldman, Bigfoot, Anthony Lister, Chad Robertson, and Jesse Ledoux. Click here for the press release. This is gaining some hype and I was stoked to see full page ads in Blackbook, URB, and MAP mags.

Sub 1K Flier

12.8.07 - SUB 1K - ESCONDIDO, CA
Distinction Gallery. Opening reception on Dec 8th from 6-11pm. Daryll Peirce, Lesley Reppeteaux, Angelina Wrona, Darren Goldman, Sake, Danielle Rizzolo, Patrick Fatica, Jasmine Worth, Caia Koopman, Sheesh, Andy Haynes, Isaac Pierro, Josh Taylor, Joshua Clay, Jenna Colby, Daniel Fleres, Walt Hall, Alex Willan, Scott Saw, Isaac Bushkin, Haubs, & Jason Rudolph Pena. December 5, 2007 – February 2, 2008. Reception: December 8, 6-11 pm. Second reception January, 12th 6-11pm. All artwork will be priced under $1000.

Saving Christmas Flyer

A benefit for World Vision and Toys 4 Tots. The goal of this show is to get 30 kids sponsored at $365 per child and at least 100 toys donated at the door. There will also be live mural painting, ice sculpting, screen printing, bands and a raffle for great prizes. This is a good chance to pick up some great art from many different artists and make someone's Christmas wishes a reality.


Finally got to hang out with Ahren and Jen for a bit in our hometown, Reno. Somehow we never met even though we went to the same highschool and have been showing in the same galleries for a while now. These photos were from their show at the Never Ender Gallery.

This is Ahren's work–beautiful. I think he's represented by Gallery 1988 and has a solo show coming up with their LA spot and another show coming up at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

Collab piece between Jen and Ahren.

These are all Jen's dope handmade characters with amazing titles, none of which I can remember.

Anyway, rad peeps, forgot to get a photo of them, so go check out their work and say hi.