ART BASEL, MIAMI, 12.4-12.6.09

This will be my second year showing and painting down at the manic overload of amazing art that is Art Basel, now the largest art fair in the world. I'll be showing with the talented folks of Alt Space and others at The Marlin Hotel (map). The space will be open all day and each night will have new bands and events surrounding the artwork. 1200 Collins Ave, South Beach.

This will also be my 2nd year painting for Primary Flight. The response from last year's mural invasion of Miami's Wynwood District was huge and the bar couldn't be set higher. Check out the piece map and check out all the sites. I'll be painting the day hours of the 4th and 5th. Drop by and have a beer with me. Here's a few highlights from last year: Wooster, Jux, FF.

Artists include: Admir Jahic, Asylm, Agustina Woodgate, Billy Mode, Blackbooks, Blek Le Rat, Boxi, Brian Sensebe, Chris Stain, Crome, Cruise, Dare, Daryll Peirce, David Choe, Depoe, Dolla, El Mac, Ewok, Frerk, Kenton Parker, Kofie, Logan Hicks, Marc C. Woehr, Mike De Feo, MSG, Brandon Opalka, Peter Fuss, Retna, Revok, Reyes, Ron English, Saber, Santiago Rubino, SRTA of She Kills He, Siner, Stefan Strumbel, Typoe, and Will Barras so far.

For the most current info: / / Download PDF here


Open Space's Annual Print Show - Beacon, NY

Friends Dan and Kalene of Open Space will be hosting their annual print and zine show featuring many talented creators. Here's your chance to get some affordable pieces from some of todays heavy hitters and up-and-comers. When you're there, check out the murals we did a little ways back right across the street for the Electric Windows project. Limited Run II will kick of 12/13 and be up through 2/2/09.


Happy post-Halloween folks, hope it was good or evil for you.

Flew back to Oakland for APE, some work stuff, and of course, All Hallows Eve. We decided to stay on the East side this year and keep it all in the Town. Good thing, met some rad people and saw some amazing costumes. It was really great to see so many friends back in the same place for a whirlwind weekend. Halloween leaves the other Holidays in the dust...maybe not Boxing Day, I love Boxing Day too.

There's much better photos posted by Dan Vigil here if so inclined.