Hot Freaks Opening

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Hot Freaks opening at 111 Minna Gallery. It was nuts. Amazing, BIG works, bands and friendly folk.

I brought a camera with the idea of using it. Unfortunately, once the show was underway and I started talking, the rest of the night became a blur and my camera never came out. So, you won't be seeing any standard crowd shots here. Luckily I took some photos before it opened. Have a look and check it out before it comes down on August 29th.

Bands played here

Joseph Aloi

Joseph Aloi, Chris Brennan, and Lango Nator / Henry Lewis


Use goggles.

Ephemeral Beauty

New book from IdN

IdN put out a tasty little book titled, The New Twenties "to showcase the talent of 58 brilliant young artists with a contemporary outlook on creativity and communicating".

I couldn't find out who made this video, but thanks, it's a handy preview:

More info on the book here, purchase here.

Included artists are ABOVE / Andrea Forgacs / Andreco / Andrew Groves / Anthony Zinonos / Ben Chlapek / Blaine Fontana / C86 – Matt Lyon / Cayetano G. Valenzuela / Charles Clary / Chow Martin / Chris Piascik / Chris Thornley / Clemens Behr / Colin Jenkinson – Jenkins / Craig Matchett / Crayon Dreamer / Daniel Lucas / Daryll Peirce / Dean West / Emory Allen / Famous When Dead / Gemma Correll / Geoffrey Agrons / Glenn Arthur / Heroes & Villains / Jacopo Rosati / Jacqueline Kari Bos / Jennifer Daniel / Jerzy Goliszewski / Jesse Draxler / Joe Van Wetering / Jon MacNair / Jonny Wan / Joshua Agerstrand / Julia Sonmi Heglund / Julian Callos / Keflione / Laura Gee / Laura McKellar / Lillianna Pereira / Lloyd Eugene Winter IV / Marco Puccini / Matt Scobey / Matt Taylor / Max-o-matic / Mete Yafet / mrYen / Natalie Nicklin / Nazario Graziano / Oh Yeah Studio / Onesidezero / Overture / Pascal Hoayek / Paul Octavious / Stephen Chan / Steven Bonner / Visual Narcotics:20mg

Sequence video of new piece