Hands & Pants 6 - Oakland, CA

“Heavy Mind” Daryll Peirce & John Casey, 8"x10"

Initial sketch over John's Hands & Pants

John Casey has once again called on his legion of art pals to interpret his various depictions of “Hands and Pants” and transform, mutate or pervert them however they desire. This Saturday we shall bask in rows of Hands and Pants glory at my favorite East Bay art laboratory, Faultline Art Space. All 100+ 8"x10" collaborations are just $150!

Participating artists so far include: Bud Snow, David Polka, Lexa Walsh, Kelly MacDonald, Bill Dunlap, Hannah Farrell, William Smith, Hunter Mack, Ashley Hinceman, Porous Walker, Janis Anton, Wendy Anne Crittenden, Justin Angelos, Billy White, Jonathan Velazquez, Aisha Ivery, Zachary Sweet, Mario Navasero, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner, Bill Miller, Fred Noland, Sasha Laurel, Yosiell Lorenzo, Daryll Peirce, Mark Haven Britt, Andreina Davila, David Vieira, Rocky Angel, Jake Watling, Jaime Lakatos, Crystal Morey, Felicia Ann, Chavez Smith, Smuttywood, Steven Russell Black, Narankgar Glover, Pete Glover, Dave Higgins, Anika Chasuk, Tina Erickson, Dyanna Beckwith, Mariola Paen, Matt Reynoso, Joshua Mays, Lena Reynoso, Neil Perry, David Seiler, Nick Francis, Conrad Crespin , Steve Ferrera, Mary Kalin-Casey, Jared Roses, Jon Blythe, Adam Fiveonehundred, Gaily Ezer, Henry Boyle, Joseph Murdach, John Williams, Sophie Leininger, Lucien Shapiro, Santos Shelton, Kristi Holohan, Ryan McJunkin, Joanne Ludwig, Tallulah Terryll, Ari Schindler, Linda Braz, Rafael Tapia, Emily Coker, Deth P. Sun, Gregory Jacobsen, Nathaniel Parsons, Kerri Lee Johnson, Derek Weisberg, Ronny Jones, Micke Tong, Mia Christopher, Marcos LaFarga, Ryan De La Hoz, Sacha Eckes, Martha Sue, Teppei Ando, Michele Theberge, Matt Decker, Morten Hemmingsen Sørup, Maya Kabat, Tigre Bailando, Gwen Thompson, Tara Foley, Justin Lovato, Jon Carling, Michael Mellon, Erik Parra, Althea James, Brian Caraway, Erik Friedman, Alison OK Frost, Billy Sprague, Aaron Petersen, Scott Greenwalt, Mary Mortimer, James Kaufmann, Max Kauffman, David Fullarton, Andrew James Jones, Madeline Tonzi, Dan Nelson, Samantha Lautman, Alison Tharp, and Alex Rosmarin.

“Casual Friday” Daryll Peirce & John Casey, 8"x10"

Opening Reception: Sat, Jan 16, 7-10pm. Facebook event.

Show dates: January 16, - February 27, 2016

Faultline Artspace, 850 42nd Ave #2D, Oakland, CA 94601 (Entrance and Parking at 815 High Street).

All works can be previewed here.
Contact John directly if you wish to make a purchase.

20X16 - CASS Contemporary - Tampa, FL

To reign in 2016, CASS Contemporary has invited this impressive list of artists from around the globe to contribute 20"x16" pieces. I’ll also have a couple different print releases through CASS available during and after the show.

"20X16" opens Friday, Jan. 8th, 7-9pm at CASS Contemporary, 2722 S. MacDill Ave. Tampa, FL 33629. Contact info@casscontemporary.com for available work.

All the Feels - Aspen, CO

Excited to take part in this show celebrating that mysterious ephemera which tugs at our heart strings. I'm also happy it's taking place in my home away from home away from home state of Colorado. I lived in Denver off and on for nearly 8 years and visited many nooks and corners of the state, but Aspen has somehow escaped me. I'll have 6 pieces for feeling and will also be there in spirit...wearing giant fluffy snow boots.

(Poster art by Andrew Hoffman)

Gravity Productions is proud to present All the Feels curated by Max Kauffman, the inaugural show of Gravity Gallery.

ALL THE FEELS takes a focus on work of an emotional nature. Its nostalgia of music that still tickles the hair on the back of your neck, the rush of memory from kitchen smells, or the deja vu of a new place that reminds one of the comfort of an old home. This show aims to introduce a cross section of artists with strong ties to Colorado that make work for themselves, for the love. Each artist carries an emotional undercurrent- work that clearly defines mood while leaving a narrative direction less delineated.

Featuring work from:
Hannah Stouffer | Andrew Hoffman | John Fellows | Max Kauffman | Jaime Molina | Mike Gallegos | Jamos | Scot Lefavor | Sara Guindon | Tom Bond | Sandra Fettingis | Mike Ortiz | Axel Geitmann | Jonathan Lamb | Daryll Peirce | Harrison Nealey | Chris Huth | Hans Walor | Takeo Hiromitsu | Jonathan Gold | Skye Weinglass | Chris Ford | Rob Mack

The show will open January 7th and be up for one month culminating with the 2016 Winter X Games. Additionally, there will be weekly receptions with artist talks:

January 7th - 9pm - Hannah Stouffer
January 14th - 9pm - Max Kauffman
January 21st - 9pm - John Fellows
January 27th - 9pm - Andrew Hoffman

Gravity Gallery, 300 E. Hyman Ave, Aspen, CO 81623
Contact Max Kauffman for any inquiries.

...and here's a nice little writeup from the Westword with the lofty title, "ALL THE FEELS Might be the coolest art show ever in Aspen."

And, another great article from VICE featuring "Slack Tide."


Jon Carling and I collaborated together on our “Chrysopoeia” piece for the Athen B. Gallery’s Co•Lab show in October. The piece and experience of it's creation was one of my favorite accomplishments of the year and I'm proud to finally share it here. I’ve been missing our weekly paint sessions, learning more of Jon’s work, narratives, and the being it comes from as well as the amazing stories, the conspiracies, the record scratches, guest visits, bizarre conversations, and late night food escapades.

Inquiries can be sent to the Athen B. Gallery.

Holiday Party & Affordable Art Series 4

It's the 4th edition of the Luna Rienne Gallery's Holiday Party and Affordable Art Show and all Bay Area folk are invited. Get your mitts on many more affordable works, all 10x10in, from these friendly local celebrated artists:

Alec Huxley | Aline Setton | Brett Amory | Damon Soule | Daniel Fleres | Daryll Peirce | Erik Otto | Ferris Plock | Ivy Jacobsen | Jet Martinez | Kelly Ording | Kelly Tunstall | Monty Guy | Nathan Tan | Oliver Vernon | Reuben Rude | Sarah Coleman | Ursula Young.

Saturday, December 12th, 6-9pm. Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd St (@Valencia).

Hope to see you there!

"Plunge," shown here, will be available along with 2 other new pieces.

Surf Craft Benefit Show & Auction

Last year during Miami Art Basel I painted a custom surfboard to benefit Waves for Water. After a week of walking miles of art fairs, galleries, and street work, the invitation to kick back and paint with friends in a shady cabana was a welcomed reprieve from the circling art frenzy. Now, the time has finally come to show and auction off these painted and glassed boards here in SF, Friday, July 17th at Chandran Gallery.

Juxtapoz once again teams up with UNIV, T.F.R. Gallery and Chandran Gallery for the second in what will become an annual Surf Craft benefit auction, held at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco. This year, we invited artists Chris Johanson, Dan Witz, Swoon, Logan Hicks, Grotesk, Mary Iverson, Brett Amory, Alicia McCarthy, WEST, Zio Ziegler, Kevin E. Taylor, David Arquette, Daryll Peirce, Beau Stanton and Ty Williams to contribute original work on surfboards to be exhibited at the gallery with a live auction on Paddle8 in conjunction with the show. The online auction on Paddle8 will begin Thursday, July 16th at 9amPST and be available for bid till July 29th, 2015.

The special one-night (free) exhibition will be held at the Chandran Gallery, 459 Geary Street, San Francisco on July 17 from 7-9:30pm, with a special DJ set by Andy Cabic (Vetiver).

Join us in support of Waves for Water, an organization that develops clean drinking water systems globally to areas in dire need. The auction will be live at:

Our cozy cabana

Brett Amory laying down some "anonymous" busts.

Dual action shot of paint swooshin' and Tara McPherson flinging wee Ronan.

More info on the Juxtapoz site here.

PULP: Weird Works on Panel and Paper

Well I've been just terrible at updating this here space. There's been new work, shows, projects, world travels, Art Basels, and more that I've let slip through the informative cracks. I've been quite occupied juggling my growing family and relying on the ease and laziness of posting via social media. I hope to write more in the future but not as much as I hope to sleep. I'm also working on getting a new site created as well...finally!

"PULP: Weird Works on Paper"
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with curators Kelsey Marie and Kate Kuaimoku for a fun weird exhibition at the Public Works' Roll Up Gallery here in SF. I was happy to jump on board when I saw my pal John Casey's work on the promo stuffs (above image). Although John was away in Denver for the opening, we still had a nice John-less celebration and I met some new friendly folks. I managed to squeeze in some very large work along with several smaller pieces into this cozy space.  It opened July 12th, but is still on view for a few more days so please stop by or make an appointment if you have the chance. My large 8'x8' piece has been moved out of the gallery and into Public Works' front lobby so that can be visited anytime over the next year.

Artists: John Casey, Daryll Peirce, Jae Chan Lee, Jacqueline Cooper, Jennifer Schnell, Rachel Houser, Kate Kuaimoku. Curated by: Kelsey Marie(The Midway) and Kate Kuaimoku

Public Works is at 161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Contact gallery@publicsf.com or (415) 496-6738 for questions or to schedule a viewing. 
PublicSF.com  |  FB Event Page

Makers Jennifer Schnell, Kate Kuaimoku, Kelsey Marie, Rachel Houser and moi

Thanks for coming out Marcos LaFarga, Dave Correia, and Robert Bowen.

"Undulating Geode" 16"x16" acrylic on panel

Art Beats SF

I'll be showing with my friends at Loakal for the Bay Art Beats art and performance fair/event this Friday-Sunday, September 26th - 28th at Pier 70 in San Francisco. Come on out as the whole thing is free (excluding the Sat night afterparty) and includes talent from all the fine folks and galleries shown here, plus many more.

Loakal's booth will host Sam Grant, Lauren YS, Daryll Peirce, Shaun Roberts, Rian Dundon, Terry Furry, John Wentz, Clint Imboden, Plus live painting by Cameron Thompson.

Excited to hang with my Loakal, LeQuiVIve, Luna Rienne, Faultline, RPS and Zero Friends crews too whilst good jams fill the atmosphere. Thanks to Lauren Napolitano and team for organizing a new friendly art fair to our city.

The Pigeon Lover

Much of my recent work has been about the mysterious connections between us and our environments as well as the magical space that exists between science and phenomena. Nikolas Tesla lived in these spaces. A revolutionary genius, Tesla both discovered and harnessed then unknown and invisible energies already surrounding us and the resonate frequency of the earth itself. It was as if he could see the unseen and needed only to develop the instrumentation and concepts to share it with all the doubting dotes.

Tesla’s obsession for science was driven by a mania beyond passion all with the purpose of furthering man’s understanding of our world and finding peace through science and art. His head lived in the clouds while his hands worked diligently to interpret the dreams into realities.

His discoveries were rewarded with exploitation, insult, and slander from the greedy string-pulling powers of his era. Plagued by knowledge too advanced for his time along with financial struggles, this man that gave us our modern world as we know it lived out his remaining elder years as a reclusive pigeon lover slowly losing control of his extraordinary mind in a New York hotel room.

This is my interpretation of Tesla trying to see through his own fog of chaotic brilliance.

"Half the Story" is a portrait group show currently up at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery which includes artists Akira Beard, Ashley Hinceman, Brett Amory, Brian Canio, Buddy Nestor, Carrie Cottini, C.B. Canga, Cody Schibi, Daryll Peirce, Delphyne Veyrat D' Urbet, Goran Rajkovic, Joe Mur, John Casey, John Wentz, Jonathan Wayshak, Lauren YS, Leon Jay Loucheur, Mario Man, Max Kauffman, Mike Law, Monty Guy, Paul Bustamante, Ransom & Mitchell, Rine Boyer, Shaun Roberts, Ryan Napoli, Sheila C, and Visible Damage.

The show runs from 8/9/14 to 9/27/14.

Also, for those wanting a fun read and hilarious comic on Mr. Tesla, his inventions, his mind and that rat bastard Edison, check out this strip by The Oatmeal who is also behind the creation of the Tesla Museum in New York with the "Mr. Tesla, we're sorry humanity forgot about you for a little while. We still love you lots. Here's a Goddamn Museum" project.

Recent work and "Going Native

"Going Native" is a three-person show including Max KauffmanLarissa Grant and myself that opened last weekend at Campfire Gallery in San Francisco's Mission district.

Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening! I was very disappointed I couldn't be there in person as I would have loved seeing your faces and sharing my latest 14-piece series with ya'll. This was simply a moment where I needed to make the easy choice of family over career. Our family reunion in Kentucky only happens once every 5-7 years for us and this one had some extra significance. Thank you Max Kauffman for finally getting the band together, Larissa Grant for stepping in, and Craig and Rachel at Campfire for being such gracious and thorough hosts. Also thanks to Fecal Face, Hi FructoseBe-Street Paris and more for featuring the new work and show.

Because of my absence on the first go 'round we will be having a closing reception on Thursday evening, July 24th from 6-9pm. I'm looking forward to sharing with those who could not make the opening or would like to simply kick back with me and my work over some drinks, hugs and celebration. If you came out to the opening AND come out to the closing, well you might just get a big ol' beardy smooch.

A Momentary Quietus

Slack Tide

Work Statement:
We often find ourselves toeing the line between optimism and negativity in our lives interpreting events as either one way or the other. The smallest moment has the potential to lead us into fits of elation, to make us feel whole, worthy and possibly even bring on a sense of joy. Alternatively, we can also be tipped down the chasm into downward spirals of depression, anger, or anxiety. With this body of work I’m focusing on our extreme perspectives of white or black, positive or negative, tranquil or tense, perseverance or acceptance, organic or rigid, and so on. These magnetic pulls tug on us as we navigate through our daily lives. They alter the way we interpret ourselves, our relationships, our past, our future, etcetera.

More selfishly the work is my way of processing these daunting vantage points that consume our thoughts of everything from banal daily events to significant life-altering decisions. I know I can work myself up pretty damn good over-analyzing everything to the point of exhaustion and I imagine some of you can relate. “Analysis paralysis” is a buzz phrase that strikes a deep chord. Especially in this age of media-engulfed environments and technological appendages, sometimes it is difficult to filter the noise and focus on the self. We are all Atlases holding up our varying loads of cerebral baggage and just fighting to make it through the day. For me, this is where art making helps to quiet the mind. Though not by any means a stress-free practice, it does eventually help to process these overwhelming frantic thoughts of the day’s issues and the “what ifs.” As the seemingly large problems start to lose their dominance and the focus begins to reappear I can finally lose myself in the simple act of painting, mark making and just react the surface, colors and water blending together, and compositional shifts.

Beyond some recurring themes like self progression, anxiety and internal conflict, I’ve intentionally kept these specific works fairly mysterious–even to myself. I’m experimenting with working in bursts of loose ideas that develop their own semi-subconscious overarching themes. I am I trying my best not to overanalyze (see above anxiety issues) before painting so as not to lose the excitement of the unknown future of the work. After all, you can overthink your way out of almost anything. The unknown, although scary and intimidating, is what makes it exciting and makes life worth living. Afterward (now) I can look back on the pieces and try to decipher what led me down this path and what was driving the symbology. I can now interpret general concepts like my ongoing interest in circular forms as a desire to represent the infinite, timeless, and cyclical themes. Elements consist of a cold outer shell with the ability to morph with change, but can only contain so much. Alternatively, the interwoven clusters of energy reference the “magic” that exists between matter and energy. It’s what connects us, what causes attraction or resistance and is a metaphor for the unexplainable phenomenons we’ve all lived, felt or dreamt. They’re perhaps part vascular, cerebral, intestinal, or other more peculiar vessels of life-fueling and universal energies. Like the sun, they keep our universe in order, but are unpredictable and have their occasional solar flares or irrational explosions throwing things off the balance.

And speaking of balance or attempting to go with the flow, let’s all try and accept that with all these opposites, we must have one side to understand and appreciate the other. We should be able to accept ups and downs as matter-of-fact and as life in constant flux. Although often difficult, there is much joy and satisfaction to be found in the struggle. So lets take a breath, sit back and enjoy the floating spaces in-between “moments.”

Perhaps I need to start telling myself that every morning. Or maybe I just need to drink less coffee.

Free Radicals

Covalent Bond (detail)

Negative Vacuum

Positive Expansion



Negative Sensory Cycle

Metamorphosis - Larissa Grant

Prone to Drift Away - Max Kauffman

The Neighborhood that Never Kept - Max Kauffman

Check out Campfire Gallery's site for all available work.