Kaaboo Del Mar

Just got back from a whirlwind week in San Diego full of art, music, friends, family, surfing, drinkin' and dogs. I’m grateful to have been invited to show alongside good friends and some of the best in the game at Kaaboo (and of course the musical and comedic juggernauts up on the stages). Thanks to all the friendly folks who came by to see the art, acquired some work, or simply chatted me up and shared some stories. And, a massive thank you to Amanda Lynn for making this happen! 

art plans
Super professional art plan.

paintings layout
It worked!

Kono's San Diego overlook
Kono's is always a must. Eva, Noe, Robert and satan concur.

My Kaaboo roomies. 15 legs of furry fun!


Muse and my lovely host/sister-in-law Eva

Kaaboo San Diego Del Mar
Flying pop stars

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers American Girl
American Girl by Mr Tom Petty and his band o' Heartbreakers. They introduced their "new guy" who recently joined the band 26 years ago.

Lucien Shapiro installation
Mathew Bajda drumming for Lucien Shapiro's wish installation. Check that veil made of can tabs!

Melanie Alves art
A rest courtesy of Melanie Alves' lady pillow installation laying amongst her powerful work.

Nifty 360° photo courtesy of Bruno Signori.

SWANS - Seattle Art Poster

I had the pleasure of creating art posters for the SWANS' upcoming August 25th show at The Neptune in Seattle for their farewell tourThis is a smaller edition of only 50. Signed and numbered 18"x24" 2-color silkscreen prints on French "FactoryGreen" 100# cover-weight paper.

Original Still Sinking drawing
The original drawing/painting, Still Sinking

First pass on the racks

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'Twas a fun weekend of silkscreening with my friend, artist Ryan McJunkin at Faultline Artspace in East Oakland. Sadly, it's been a while since this sore ol' desk jocky has hand-pulled some screens and my printing muscles have definitely atrophied. The plan on these also switched half way though, so the green color is the actual paper and all white is printed and cut from the edge. That's a first! These were also all trimmed out by hand (200 cuts instead of 4) due to my distrust of any last-minute Sunday night service that a Kinkos or Staples-like place is bound to f**k up. Worked harder, not smarter for sure, but very pleased with the outcome!

These will be available for purchase at the August 25th Seattle show at The Neptune. Afterward, they will be released on my store HERE on the following day of 8/26.

The original art for the posters, "Still Sinking" is available here.

Melvins - Casbah Art Poster

The Melvins glow in the dark concert poster by Daryll Peirce

I'm super excited to unveil these glow-in-the-dark Melvins posters! They're kicking off an extensive tour in support of their new double album, A Walk with Love and Death. The tour kicks off July 5th at The Casbah in San Diego and I was lucky enough to create this weighted cerebral mass to submerge and entice thy ocular senses.

The Melvins rock poster with artist Daryll Peirce

Melvins poster glow animated gif
A'glowin in the dark!

18x24" serigraph prints are a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered 4 color silkscreen show posters beautifully printed by Monolith Press on 100lb white cover stock. Grab one from my shop right over HERE.

Big thank you to the Melvins, Secret Serpents, Monolith Press, and the dark for making this happen!

Parental Advisory - 63 Bluxome, SF - Aug 5th

Join us for Parental Advisory at the 63 Bluxome Street Gallery, Saturday night, August 5th from 6-9 and bring the kiddos! The muskrats and I created three pieces for the show which features the following artists in collaboration with their offspring.

Parental advisory process photo 2

Parental Advisory
Co-Curated by Marcos LaFarga

Daryll Peirce (Daughter Poppy, Son Balis)
Jaime Molina (Son Telmo, Daughter Asela)
Joseph Murdach (Son Escher)
Marcos LaFarga (Daughter Lucia)
Phil Long (Son Parker)
Ransom & Mitchell (Son Ozlo)
Renos (Daughter Madeline)
Super Ugly (Son Bigby)

Live Music from SF Rock Project

63 Bluxome Street Gallery
Opening Saturday, August 5, 7pm-10pm
Gallery Hours: Monday–Friday, 10am - 5pm
Show Runs 8/5/17 - 9/30/17

Parental Advisory, Artists in Collaboration with their kids

Parental advisory process photo

Welling Court 2017

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce painting
I had the pleasure of joining my AdHoc Art friends and art compadres for the annual Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria, Queens, NYC. I enjoyed painting for the first one back in 2010 and finally got back there to join in on another round 7 years later!

It was a blast painting in the New York summer heat, welcoming the cool breezes coming off the East River with the Manhattan skyline at my back, neighborhood block party, skating, and reconnecting with friends and family I don't get to see very often these days.

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce process
All the previous murals get painted over each year so unfortunately I had to paint over this Elephant piece by Mike Makatron and Dirt Worship.

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce process 2
I swear I didn't sketch these to look like the figures were into some hot elephant sexy time.

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce process 3
And we buff...

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce process 4

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce and Abe Lincoln Jr
Solid dude that Abe Lincoln Jr. Kids walking by asked him to paint their names so he put all their names up on the t-shirts of each of his characters on that roll up gate over there.

Welling Court Mural Project Daryll Peirce

Welling Court Mural Project dancers
"Ghost" breakin' with his little bro

Welling Court Mural Project break dancers
Block party stuffs

Welling Court Mural Project Dennis McNett
Dennis McNett working his magic

Welling Court Mural Project Fire Hydrant
Keeping the kiddos cool and making rainbows. Also, some later dog shampooing.

Welling Court Mural Project ASVP

Welling Court Mural Project Jesse Jones
Visit from Mr. Jesse Jones and a wee ball of cuteness.

Welling Court Mural Project Stensoul Peat Wollaeger
Peat getting started on his hive

Welling Court Mural Project John Breiner
John Breiner

Welling Court Mural Project Dan Weise
Dan Weise drawering with paint

Welling Court Mural Project Freeze

Massive thank you Garrison and Alison of AdHoc Art, Logan Hicks, Lori Zimmer, Joe Shaefer, Julia DiNardo, Jesse Jones, Kat McEldowney, the welcoming neighborhood, $.99 store folks, and my family in NY for all the support and gracious hospitality!

TONDO - Spoke Art Gallery, SF - May 6

Infinite Instability by Daryll Peirce
Infinite Instability
This piece took me on quite a journey and I am looking forward to debuting it in the round amongst a humbling sea of 49 other circular works. Hope you can join us this Saturday for TONDO at Spoke Art, SF.

SPOKE SF is pleased to present TONDO, a dynamic group exhibition featuring over 50 artists working in the round. We challenged some of our favorite artists to work on a round surface and left the rest up to them. The result is a stunning display of the endless possibilities contained within a circle.

Tondo has historically referred to a round painting or low relief derived from the Italian rotondo or round. Simultaneously working within the bounds of the circular form while coloring outside the lines only as artists can, each piece plays with the definition of tondo. Using neon, painting, cut paper, embroidery and more each artist has taken the challenge of an unconventional format to give new dimension to their work.

Participating Artists:
Peter Adamyan | Bagger43 | Jonathan Bergeron | Robert Bowen | Brandon Boyd | Stephanie Brown | Bumblebee | Adam Caldwell | Sandi Calistro | John Casey | Peter Chan | Damian Chavez | Nomi Chi | Dan Christofferson | Charles Clary | Cannon Dill | Dulk | Jason Edmiston | Jayde Fish | Jeremy Fish | Greg Gandy | Sergio Garcia | Frank Gonzales | Greg Gossel | Serge Gay Jr. | Happy D | Evan B Harris | Brandon Holt | Christine Hostetler | Zoe Keller | Caia Koopman | Alex Louisa | Cathy Lu | Ryan Malley | Jen Mann | Jeremy Mann | Caitlin McCormack | Meggs | Jose Mertz | Nadezda | Joanne Nam | Reuben Negron | Nicomi Nix Turner | Chelsea O'Byrne | Meryl Pataky | Daryll Peirce | Relm | Matt Ritchie | Jessica So Ren Tang | Amy Sol | Kevin Earl Taylor | Henrik Uldalen | Roos Vandervliet | Wiley Wallace | Helice Wen | Alex Yanes | Lauren YS | Kate Zambrano

Opening Saturday, May 6th from 6pm-9pm.
The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, May 27th.

Collector Preview
Facebook Event Page

For inquiries contact SF@spoke-art.com

Staf Magazine Interview & Velvet Club Poster: Málaga, Spain

Staf Magazine interview preview image

Staf Magazine recently interviewed me for "Mind the Gap: Una Obra Catártica." Staf is an art, skate, surf, music and culture mag based in Málaga, Spain. Give it a gander and scroll to the bottom of the article for ye ol' English version.

Velvet Club December Poster by Daryll Peirce

In conjunction with the interview, I created this poster for the December lineup of Málaga's own Velvet Club. It's been a while since I've worked up some hand-lettering and have been wanting an excuse to get back into some rock poster and other commercial work so thanks for the fun project!

Ghost Ship Fire Fundraisers

The recent Ghost Ship fire hit close to home and has shaken our community. A beacon in the wake of such a tragic event is that there are multiple forces–from art collectives, to us scrappy artists, to the major Oakland sports franchises coming together to raise money for those affected.

Below are two such events I'm participating in this weekend that are working to help aid and carry on the creative values that the Ghost Ship tenants and participants who are no longer with us supported. Both will be donating to the victims' general fund HERE, which can also be donated to directly.

Heart - A Two Day Fundraiser for Oakland at Faultline ArtSpace:
All artwork in the gallery will be auctioned silently with 25-100% of each sale (determined by the artist) going to the general relief fund. We're going to get as much art as we can, and the price ranges will be from under $10 up to a few thousand. Several of our studio artists will have their work available in their spaces and will be donating a share of sales to charities of their choosing.

When: 2-day event, Friday, Dec 10th from 5:30-9:00pm and Saturday Dec 11th from 11-5pm.
Where: Faultline ArtSpace, 850 42nd Ave #2D (Entrance and Parking at 815 High Street), Oakland

All work is viewable online for bidding here: http://www.faultlineartspace.com/heart-silent-auction/

Bidding closes at 5pm Saturday on all items.

Faultline will continue to raise funds for the Ghost Ship victims beyond this event. Follow them for updates.

This is a fundraiser, not a party.

Many of our neighbors will also be open Friday night. This Second Friday reception is held in conjunction with the 11th Annual Jingletown Winter Open Studios.

Participating galleries and artist studios include:
Faultline ArtSpace, Float Gallery, Ford Street Studios, Gray Loft Gallery, Jingletown Art Studios and Gallery

Wonderland SF's Holiday Show:
"This Saturday DECEMBER 10th lets give back! support local artists for a great cause! In the last few weeks there has been a few devastating events in the Bay Area and I know it’s hard to celebrate through these hard times. I would like to bring our art community together and do something positive that feels good. December 10, 2016 Wonderland SF will be having our holiday party and opening reception of $300 and under art from 6-10pm. All art will be $300 or less. I will be donating 10% of all the sales that day to the victims affected by the Oakland fire. Everyone is welcomed to this event."

Also bring an unwrapped toy. All toys will be donated to Toys for tots. Or, bring a warm coat to be delivered to different homeless camps here in SF.

Amazing art by: Abel Manolo, Alec Huxley, Alice Koswara, Amandalynn, Anderina Davila, ArtNwordz, Bernard Butler, Brandon Hurley, Chris W Stokes, Daryll Peirce, Doug Rhodes, Ekan, Fabiola Gironi, Gillian Lee Keller, Hillary williams, Jasper Steve Thomasa, Jeffrey Nemenzo, Jesus Hernandez, Jon Ching, Josh Thurman, Joshua Lawyer, Kean Egget, Kenneth Malone, Lindsay Millikan, Luciano Roque, Maggie hurley, Maureen Shields, Megan Shaffer, Melanie Alves, Michael Murphy, MJ Lindo, Nate 1, Olympia Altimir Galvez, Rachel Znerold, Renee Castro, Robert Bowen, Safi Kolozsvari, Shane Izykowski, Shannon Glasheen, Spencer Brown, Telopa, tessa Poppe, Tracy Piper, Ximena Rendon, Ytaelena Lopez, + more

When: Saturday December 10, 2016 -  6-10pm
Where: Wonderland SF, 1266 Valencia Street, SF, CA 94110

Ayiti Cheri - Mirus Gallery - Nov 5th - San Francisco

Hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc in Haiti, hitting areas that still have not fully recovered from the earthquake there in 2010. It goes without saying that the most vulnerable people in this situation are the children of Port-au-Prince, in particular Cite Soleil, one of the most disadvantaged areas in the Western Hemisphere.

RAJEPRE School, founded in 2006 by Winter Luc, is a school and community organization dedicated to creating opportunities for young people in Cite Soleil. The school was badly damaged by the storm, and as a community hub, is in particular need of funds to help rebuild and assist the community (direct donation info).

Please join us at Mirus Gallery for a one-night fundraiser and silent art auction benefitting RAJEPRE and the community of Cite Soleil. This is an amazing opportunity to bid on works from major Bay Area artists while helping the people of Cite Soleil during this trying time.

Works available by:
Alice Koswara | L Jocelyn Herrada-Rios | Serge Gay Jr. | Akira Beard | Daryll Peirce | Kristin Farr | Ken Davis | Peter Adamyan | Max Kauffman | Kevin Earl Taylor | Brett Amory | Meryl Pataky | Ryan De La Hoz | Ferris Plock | Steve MacDonald | Jud Bergeron | Marcos La Farga | MARS-1 | Swampy (collection of Sheila Islam) | Robert Bowen | Ian Johnson | Jason Jagel | Sean Newport

Saturday, November 5th, 6-10pm.
Mirus Gallery: 540 Howard St, 3rd Fl, San Francisco

Sponsored by Mirus Gallery and Temescal Brewing. For sponsorship opportunities and donations, please contact event curator Crystal Townsend at hello@crystaltownsend.com.

Medithrive - Nov 3rd - San Francisco

This Thursday, my friends at Medithrive are kind enough to throw a nice reception for my works up in their Mission, SF shop. I’ll have a number of pieces on view, some extra goodies, and 30 free prints for the first guests to arrive.

Medithrive will be providing refreshments and offering a buy one eighth, get one free deal for the evening. Pacific Remedy will also be joining us and offering a buy one pre roll, get one free deal as well. All new members receive a 20% discount on their first order and a welcome gift bag valued over $50.

Here’s the rub–you’ll need a current doctor’s recommendation and California ID to attend.

Thursday, November 3rd, 6-9pm at Medithrive
1933 Mission St (between 15th & 16th), San Francisco, 94103