Remastered - Faultline Artspace, Oakland

Pulsatory Oblivion Joy Division Album Cover remaster
Pulsatory Oblivion (12"x12" acrylic on panel)

My contribution to “Remastered - An Album Cover Art Show, in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the 12" LP

Pulsatory Oblivion detail

I've been on a black and white linear bender lately and when asked to contribute to this show, the iconic Unknown Pleasures album, by Joy Division, was the first thing that popped into my head. After brainstorming for a day and reminiscing through my youthful musical influences and phases, I circled back around to this black and white beauty, created by then Factory Records designer, Peter Saville:

In the process, I found this inspiring interview with Peter Saville in which he explains where the image came from, why the band needed to have it, and what it represents. I'm not going to spoil it and highly recommend you give it a quick watch:

And while we're on the subject of film, Control is an amazing movie about the afflicted life of Ian Curtis and the story of Joy Division:

“Remastered” opens Saturday night, July 21st from 6-9pm at Faultline Artspace (815 High St, Oakland, CA). See a slew of iconic album cover homages from all these talented folks:

Shaun Burner, Franceska Gamez, Max Kauffman, Safety First, John Honton, Jared Roses, Jon Carling, Daryll Peirce, Sparkles Positron, Nome Edonna, Lee Harvey Roswell, Emonic, David Fullarton, Lisa Pisa, Azul Cuéllar, Dara Lorenzo, Chris Granillo, Melanin Buford, Dean Stuart, Derek Moore, Zachary Sweet, Cameron Thompson, Santos Shelton, Joe Mur, Madeleine Tonzi, Rafael Tapia Iii, Girl On Bus, Ally Burke, Rocky Angel, Sendy Santamaria , Chris Micro, Will Atwood, Alex Sodari, Montana Manalo, Pawn Paint, Jose Di Gregorio, Leaveswell, Jared Tharp, Peggy Crovetto, Ozi Magana, Bill Prochnow, Armando Resendez, Kimlynh Chun, Avi Shorer, Ryan Mcjunkin, Raul D' Mauries, Felicia Ann, Mario Navasero

Curated by Los Tres Amigos

There will be music, local craft beer, food and art available for purchase. The event venue, which is also the studio of over 20 local artists, will be open for all to visit during the show. Kids are welcomed! Admission is FREE!

MASTODON Poster - Marymoor Park, Seattle, WA

Mastodon limited edition posters

I'm pretty ecstatic about these beasts–these snarling, writhing, sliming, spitting, drooling, salivating, uvula-exploding, tusky beasts! Open up and say “BLAHRGHSSLLLUARPUGH!”

• 18"x24" (standard frame size)
• Edition of 100, hand signed and numbered
• 3 color silkscreen authentic band-sanctioned gig poster
• Printed on thick 100lb Cover
• Printed at Forthrite Printing, Oakland, CA

Available here.

Mastdon posters fresh off the press
Fresh off the press photo from Forthrite

Mastodon poster detail

Mastodon original ink art for posters
Chomp on this original ink

Mastodon sketch process animated gif
Super detailed rough sketch

Mastodon poster sketch 3


Thank you Mastodon, Secret Serpents, and Forthrite Printing!

Snatch one up in my shop here.

UFOMAMMUT Gig Poster - Elbo Room, San Francisco

Ufomammut san francisco 2018 poster

Ufomammut left their Italian domain, crossed the seas, and teamed up with White Hills to lay waste to the Elbo Room here in San Francisco. I was asked to interpret and commemorate their cacophonous massacre in the form of this handmade silkscreen poster. I'm quite pleased with the result and the masterful print execution of Monolith Press. Grab one from my shop here.

Ufomammut 2018 Tour Poster Artists
2018 tour artists

Ufomammut san francisco 2018 poster detail

• Size: 18"x24" (standard frame size)
• Edition: 100 hand signed and numbered.
• Inks: 3 colors with “extra wet” gloss black.
• Paper: 100lb Cover Classic Crest Pewter
• Printed by Monolith Press in Alameda, CA
• Published by Secret Serpents
• Posters ship numerically by order number in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round mailing tube

The Well black and white ink drawing by Daryll Peirce

Original black and white ink drawing, "The Well" available here.

inspiration sketch
Inspired by this late night sketch

Ufomammut poster numbered detail

Ufomammut poster signature detail

Urlo of Ufomammut
Urlo crushing at the Elbo Room

Live show at the elbo room
Such a pleasure to meet and hang with these gents.

Big thank you Urlo, Vita and Poia of UFOMAMMUT, White Hills, Secret Serpents and all the pals who joined us at the show last night!

Ufomammut poster
For scale
Remaining prints available in my shop.

Adrifter - 10 Years in Wonderland, SF

Adrifter by Daryll Peirce
Adrifter - 20"x20" acrylic on panel
Adrifter by Daryll Peirce detail
Float on down to 111 Minna Gallery for the “10 Years in Wonderland” show.

The opening reception is Friday June 1, from 5pm-Late. Curated by Irene Hernandez-Feiks of Wonderland SF in celebration of their 10 year anniversary with their family of artists. This will be a hell of a show and night with all these talented art folks:

Abel Manalo, Alberto Ybarra, Alec Huxley, Amanda Lynn, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Andrew Fuller, Ashley Bell, Brett, Crawford, Chor Boogie, Chris Leib, Chris W. Stokes, Daniel Segrove, Daryll Peirce, Delphyne Veyrat d'Urbet, Dianne Hoffman, Doug RhodesFelicia AnnFelicia Gabaldon, Gillian Lee KellerGustavo Rimada, Helice WenHilary Williams, Ian Reynold, Irene Feiks, Jan Kaláb, Jennifer King, John Wentz, Jon ChingJoshua Lawyer, Josh Thurman, Kenneth Malone, Kevin Earl Taylor, Lana Kohn, Laura Buss, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leon Loucheur, Lucas Bononi, Luciano Roque, Marcus Era, Marina Berlin, Mark Campbell, Melanie Alves, Micah LeBrun, Michael Murphy, Mj Lindo, Monty Guy, N8 Van Dyke (Nate Van Dyke), Nome Edonna, Olympia Altimir Galvez, Patrick Hoffmeister, Phillip Hua, Ransom and Mitchell, Raul D'Mauries, Reiner Hansen, Renee Castro, Robert D Harris, Robert Bowen, Robert Garcia, Rogelio Martinez, Safi Kolozsvari, Sergio Lopez, Telopa, Tracy Piper Sutherland, Ursula Xanthe Young

10 Years in Wonderland flyer front

10 Years in Wonderland flyer back

Adrifter sketch
Super detailed preliminary sketch

Serenity Seeker - 12x12 show at Spoke Art, SF

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce

Very late on this post here, but I wanted to share this piece I created for Spoke Art SF's 12x12 show. Always a pleasure working with them and the opening was a hot with my kiddos in tow. For availability, please reach out to Spoke (
Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 1

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 2

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 3
12x12 opening night photo 1

12x12 opening night photo 2

12x12 opening night photo 3

12x12 opening night photo 4

Love that Shaun Roberts guy who took these here opening night photos.

Covalent Bond & Free Radicals Print Release

Covalent Bond Giclée print

Free Radicals Giclée print

I'm pleased to announce the print release for my “Covalent Bond” and “Free Radicals” pieces. Some folks have been asking for these for a while and I am happy to finally bring them to fruition just in time for a sensory-exploding psychedelia-infused Valentine's Day.

We all want to love and be loved. Yet, the disorientating intangible chemistry of love is a complex potion with the power to satiate the soul, to heal, to enflame our desires, as well as polarizing forces that can torment, eviscerate, and make us hollow. What happens in that intangible vaporous space between the nerves, synapses, and electrical impulses, then mixes together with passion, attraction nostalgia and lust to become this duplicitous double-edged sword called love?

Covalent Bond print detail

Free Radicals print detail

Covalent Bond print

Free Radicals print

Print Details:
Signed and numbered edition of 100, 12"x12" archival Giclée prints on 300# acid-free Italian textured watercolor paper.

Grab one, or the set from my shop. Thank you!

Sentimental Mood - First Amendment, SF - Jan 12th

Sentimental Mood image by GIna Contreras
(Same Room Same Feels by Gina Contreras)
Join us Friday, January 12th at 7pm for the opening reception of Sentimental Mood–a group exhibition featuring 20 Bay Area artists at First Amendment Gallery.  The gallery is located at the intersection of 6th and Howard St. in Downtown San Francisco. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Exhibiting artists include: Adam Caldwell - Anika Chasuk - Apexer - Casey Gray - 
Christoper Martin - Daryll Peirce - David Chong Lee - David Marc Grant - 
Ernest Doty - Gina Contreras - John Casey - Kellen Chasuk
 - Lena Gustafson - Marcos LaFarga - Oliver Hawk - Peter Adamyan - 
Rich Jacobs  - Robert Minvervini - Sean Newport - Yetunde Olagbaju

Showing Through Friday, February 9, 2018. To receive a preview or if you have any questions about Sentimental Mood please contact

Thank you Widewalls for the coverage.

Lucero Poster - Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA, NYE 2017

Lucero Poster

The Sweetwater Music Hall asked me to create the poster for Lucero's three-night New Year's Eve run at the legendary Mill Valley venue. I hopped on the chance and created this poor, beat up, trampled, defeated and surrendered heart.

Thank you to Trevor and Aaron at Sweetwater and Ben and the Boys of Lucero for making this happen. It was a great chance to hop on the other side of the Golden Gate and catch the first show with a hell of a 2.5 hour set with some buddies.

18"x24" 3-color silkscreen print with reflective metallic gold on thick 100lb acid-free paper. Exquisitely printed by Monolith Press in Alameda, CA. Edition of 175. Hand signed and numbered.

These will be available in my shop here tomorrow, Jan 1st at 10am. Happy New Year!

Lucero Poster scale

Lucero poster detail numbering detail

Lucero poster signature detail

Lucero poster heart detail

Lucero poster detail

Lucero at Sweetwater

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PRIMUS Gig Poster - Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, 2017

Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster

Some squirmy prismatic vibes heading your way via Primus for their show at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati. I was absolutely tickled purple when asked to contribute art for these 'bastards' and hope you enjoy my creepily kaleidoscopic interpretation!

Primus is currently touring their 9th LP, The Desaturating Seven–the name of which was spawned from the infamous underground 70's kids book, The Rainbow Goblins by Ul De Rico.

Primus The Desaturating Seven Album
The Desaturating Seven featuring art from The Rainbow Goblins

Page from The Rainbow Goblins
One of my favorite extra creepy pages from the book

The posters will be available at the show. For those unable to attend I’ll have #'s 1-50 available here the next day, November 4th at 11am PST.

Size: 18"x24"
6-color silkscreen print with DayGlo black light reactive inks
Printed by In-House Media in Chico, CA
Show Edition Size:200
"Indigo" Rainbow Foil Variant Edition Size: 50

Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster details
It's all in the details

Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster black light
Printed with DayGlo inks for maximum black-light luminance to satiate all your interdimensional exploration needs. 

Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster rainbow foil variant
"Indigo" Rainbow Foil variant. Ooooooooooooh

Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster rainbow foil variant details
Primus Cincinnati Taft Theatre Poster line art drawing
Original black and white line art drawing

Primus poster scale
For scale

Massive thank you to Primus and Zoltron for bringing me into your bastardly mix of art talent! Also big thanks to my pal Tadashi Yamaoda for helping me capture these evasive black light and foil colors on his camera machine.