Melvins and the Chipmunks

Melvins and the Chipmunks poster

"Melvins...Melvins...MELVIIIIINS!" I had a blast doing something a little different, getting cartoony, nostalgic, and turning these weirdos into chipmunk. It was fun to dip into my youth and laugh while drawing these these up. I placed some easter eggs in there too.

These will be available at the show and posted for sale in my shop on 9/7 at 9am PST

Signed and numbered, 5-color silkscreen edition of 100 + 10 rainbow foil variants masterfully printed at Forthrite Printing in Oakland, CA.

Buzz Osbourne

Dale Crover

Stephen Shane McDonald

Funny story, when I showed Steven McDonald the print he was amazed that I chose him to be Simon. Apparently his wife's grandfather (Simon Waronker) was who the Simon character was based on. Crazy serendipity right there right?! He told me the chipmunks were named after three record executives at Liberty Records: Alvin "Al" Bennett, Simon "Si" Waronker and Theodore "Ted" Keep.

Melvins and the Squirrels from The Simpsons

Someone also sent me this “Melvin and the Squirrels”image. I’d never seen this episode, but the Simpsons once again predicted the future!! Another serendipitous occurrence. Everything just lined up with this one.

Melvins chipmunk sketch

Original Melvins ink drawing

Melvins rainbow foil variant poster

This process reminded me of searing high-pitched rodentia noise into my poor Dad's psyche by playing the 'Chipmunk Rock' record on repeat. To be fair, it was my ONLY album as a kid. I'm sure he'd be happy to know they were possibly sacrificed and burning in some kind of chipmunk hell until their very last screech. 

Thank you Melvins, Secret Serpents and Forthrite. "OHHHKAY!"


Anonymous said...

Nice work daryll. Just sitting around with your mom and dad.

Daryll Peirce said...

Oh Really?!