Distinction & Southern Times

Headed south for my 3 person show at Distinction Gallery with San Diego's Mike Maxwell and Chris B. Murray from Philly.

Luckily Brett Amory, Adam Caldwell and Seth Armstrong were coming down from the Bay as well for their show, "There it Is" with Thinkspace here, so we split a truck. Wish I could've gone to the opening, but it was the same night as Distinction's.

Grabbed some food with Jeremiah Garcia, Tina and baby Micah Darling here.

Finally got to meet up with my lady and daughter in San Diego after being away working for a week. Got some skating and surfing in too.

Mike Maxwell starting in at Distinction.

Mike's finished front wall

My front wall bound hands.

Brought "Left and Right" with me. A beast of an installation, but worth it.

Mike's work

Jean & Howie

Rosy and two Poppies

Chad & Emerson


Erika, Scott Saw, Mike, Crystal & beast.

Mike Maxwell has his “Live Free” podcast you should check out. He’s got some great past interviews with artists such as Kelsey Brooks and Sergio Hernandez talking about an array of issues from Free Masonry, to hallucinogens, to Miley Cyrus. I spent an hour at his place drawing this weirdness and shooting the art shit while recording a show that’ll be out sometime soon that can be heard here.

His book had some great pieces throughout. Here's Jeff Soto and Chris Ryniak.

Definitely a top 5-er sunset this dusk in OB.

Back up through LA to hang with longtime homies/new parents Jim and Tina Darling and also get to this group show I had a couple pieces in at CAVE Gallery. They've got a great new space on Abbot Kinney.

Poppy really dug Paul Chatem's moving pieces.

I had lived in San Diego for 3 years after art school so it was great to see friendly faces and family. But, speaking of family, I’ve been on the lam with my (new) family for a month now and as much as I love being a traveling band of gypsy couch surfers, I’m really looking forward to getting home and receiving a welcoming hug from the San Francisco fog.

Realization of Symbiosis Print Release

Prints of Realization of Symbiosis 1 and 2 are now available as signed, numbered and stamped editions of 100. 16” x 20” GiclĂ©e prints on acid free Somerset Velvet 100# cotton rag.

Realization of Symbiosis 1
Realization of Symbiosis 1

Realization of Symbiosis 2
Realization of Symbiosis 2

Print detail

Purchase via PayPal for $50 each or both for $75: