Hello 2014

I began 2013, as the Greeks would say, "with my left foot forward" by breaking my shoulder. The new year's mishap was followed with surgeries, rehab, a melted hand, personal and family woes, struggle and some difficult times. But all that fades away when I think about others going through much harder days throughout this crazy planet. Then I remember how I also got to marry an amazing gal, watch my daughter grow and become her own little person, celebrate family reunions, continue creating and enjoy the company of those we love. Our families and friends are in good places or pushing through. Our 16 and 14 year old dogs, 10 year old cat and year old chickens made it another happy year.

In August I cashed in on all my favors and karma to take my family on the epic Euro-adventure/honeymoon that we're still living. We've been fortunate enough to explore and experience Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Italy and Germany together as a family. It's been an extraordinary journey for us so far and although we wouldn't trade it for anything, we certainly miss many folks back home and get homesick at times (especially around the holidays). So, Happy New Years everyone from cold, but festive Berlin.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives! Hats off to your 2014 and hope its filled with big wiener smiles!