Atlanta Rock Poster Show - Sweetwater Brewing

ARPS Artists
(portrait art by Peregon Creative)

This week I'm off to Atlanta to exhibit alongside some heavy talent at the 2023 Atlanta Rock Poster Show. This is my first time in Atlanta so feel free to hit me up with any recommendations and of course,  if you're in the area, come party with us!

ARPS 2020

About the Show
After a successful inaugural show in 2020 The Atlanta Rock Poster Show is back at SweetWater Brewing Company celebrating the world of music, rock art & gigposters. With the help of The Rock Poster Society and Expresso Beans we have amassed an incredible lineup of some of today's best concert poster Artists who will be showcasing & selling their work.

The show will take place on February 18th, from 1pm-8pm at the Sweetwater Brewing Company during their 26th Anniversary Party. It features several amazingly talented poster artists and music performances by Lotus, The Floozies, Dogs in a Pile, and the Hedonistas.

Atlanta Rock Poster Show poster

Atlanta Rock Poster Show artists

Big thanks to the host artman Matt Leunig

Melvins and the Chipmunks

Melvins and the Chipmunks poster

"Melvins...Melvins...MELVIIIIINS!" I had a blast doing something a little different, getting cartoony, nostalgic, and turning these weirdos into chipmunk. It was fun to dip into my youth and laugh while drawing these these up. I placed some easter eggs in there too.

These will be available at the show and posted for sale in my shop on 9/7 at 9am PST

Signed and numbered, 5-color silkscreen edition of 100 + 10 rainbow foil variants masterfully printed at Forthrite Printing in Oakland, CA.

Buzz Osbourne

Dale Crover

Stephen Shane McDonald

Funny story, when I showed Steven McDonald the print he was amazed that I chose him to be Simon. Apparently his wife's grandfather (Simon Waronker) was who the Simon character was based on. Crazy serendipity right there right?! He told me the chipmunks were named after three record executives at Liberty Records: Alvin "Al" Bennett, Simon "Si" Waronker and Theodore "Ted" Keep.

Melvins and the Squirrels from The Simpsons

Someone also sent me this “Melvin and the Squirrels”image. I’d never seen this episode, but the Simpsons once again predicted the future!! Another serendipitous occurrence. Everything just lined up with this one.

Melvins chipmunk sketch

Original Melvins ink drawing

Melvins rainbow foil variant poster

This process reminded me of searing high-pitched rodentia noise into my poor Dad's psyche by playing the 'Chipmunk Rock' record on repeat. To be fair, it was my ONLY album as a kid. I'm sure he'd be happy to know they were possibly sacrificed and burning in some kind of chipmunk hell until their very last screech. 

Thank you Melvins, Secret Serpents and Forthrite. "OHHHKAY!"

MELVINS - Long Beach Posters

Melvins Long Beach poster, Alex's Bar

I'm excited to share my 5th MELVINS poster for their Electric Roach tour! Visualizing the sludgy heaviness of the Melvins' complex audioblasphemy ain't easy, but here's my attempt. The struggle of the mind is very real and this poor soul is going through some heaviness. If you can relate, I feel for ya.

Melvins lava foil variant poster

And here are the extra melty lava foil variants. There's only 10 of these beauties in all of existence, so if it's hypnotic melty allure grabs you, snatch one up quickly and get lost in that swirly goo! These are are SO much more vibrant and prismatic when beheld in person.

Melvins lava foil poster close up detail

Snatch up your choice of these anxiety-ridden beasts from my web shop here. Worldwide shipping available.

Melvins at their merch booth at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, CA

Big thanks again to the Melvins, Secret Serpents and of course Monolith Press who once again amazed me with their printing expertise and perfection. These came out better than I could have imagined.

Original ink drawing for the Melvins
Original ink drawing

Daryll Peirce Vex painting

This small 10x10" acrylic on panel Vex painting recently came back into my life and is what inspired the Melvins more grotesque counterpart poster. Please inquire via email if interested.

DROP - UMA Gallery - Oakland, CA

Thanks to all who came out to our group show 'DROP' at the beautiful UMA Gallery. I got to reconnect with friends not seen in some time and meet some fascinating new folks. UMA is located in the historic Mosswood Chapel and Mortuary in Temescal, Oakland. They have monthly events and I highly recommend visiting, even if just to see the building itself.

UMA Gallery and Mosswood Chapel front

DROP art show poster

Loading hearse with art
Getting a little help delivering a large painting

Painting in hearse
Rest in Piece

DROP Group show
My girl in front of the gorgeous (and highly pounceable-looking) sculptures of Daniel 'Attaboy' Seifert

Sitar player in front of Justin Teisl artwork
Sitar player in front of the layered beautiful work of Justin Teisl.

DROP group show photo

Kids with Attaboy of High Fructose Magazine
Attaboy giving out some hand-painted goodies to my goofs

My paintings at DROP show

Sculpture artwork of Chris Isner
Meticulously carved sculpture work of Chris Isner

Attaboy painting
Daniel 'Attaboy' Seifert wall piece

Unkle Morty skeleton
'Unkle Morty'
(yes, he's real and yes, that's also a dead lizard in there)

And, thank you Donna and UMA for inviting me and presenting our work so beautifully in this historic and stunning chapel/mortuary space. That was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a far.

Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA

Crocker Museum piece

Grateful to be showing this “A Momentary Quietus” piece at the Crocker Art Museum and to have my work in such a beautiful building among an incredible collection. Somehow this was my first time visiting the California capital area and Old Sacramento. What an ornately stunningly and beautiful museum! I love the fusing of the historical architecture with the newer modern wing. Also dug having he first real date night in a very long time.

The annual auction show will be on view and available for bidding from 5/26-6/5 though the Museum.

Direct link to my piece here. There's also a cringy video on that page where I explain this piece if you wan to see me uncomfortably talking about it and myself.

Crocker Museum detail

Crocker Museum detail

Crocker Museum date

Crocker Museum detail 3

Carrie Cottini and Robert Bowen

Carrie Cottini with her piece "SWARM" alongside her hubby (and my studio hubby) Robert Bowen

Mudhoney Seattle Posters

Mudhoney full uncut sheet
It’s been two long covid years since getting to create art for bands, but I’m very excited to share my latest two-night silkscreened diptych posters created for MUDHONEY, who just kicked off their 2022 North American tour with these two shows–in Seattle of course.

Mudhoney night 1 poster

Mudhoney night 2 poster

• 18"x24" 4-color silkscreen gig poster
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered prints
• 100lb Cougar Smooth Natural Cover archival paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA.
• Posters ship in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube

Available here.

original art sketch
Preliminary concept sketching

Original Daryll Peirce ink art
Final tension-infused original ink work

Mudhoney rainbow foil poster uncut sheet
Uncut rainbow foil sheet (only 3 available)

Mudhoney rainbow foil night 1 poster
Night one rainbow foil variant (only 10 available)

Mudhoney rainbow foil night 2 poster
Night two rainbow foil variant (only 10 available)

Mudhoney rainbow foil detail
Rainbow foil detail

Big thank you to Mudhoney, Monolith Press, and Secret Serpents for bringing a heavy return to live music and collaborations with artists like moi.

COVID 19 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Gold LP

Sometime back in April a friend hit me up about a need to focus his dystopian anxieties into a new project for his label. This compilation is the result, of which I was more than happy to be a part of for the same reason.

This record is a reaction against the onslaught of a disease that's brought global despair and with it the upending of life as we knew it. In the words of Bader, who runs Superhero Records, "I wanted to have this record represent the zeitgeist of the dystopian and lonely dark weeks during the complete shutdown." The album also features a track from Yuppicide, who's singer is the mutual friend who introduced us.

Some years back, my family and I were visiting/living in Berlin for a winter and I would hang in Bader's Cupcake Berlin shop in Friedrichshain for some solo sketching nights–plus cupcakes of course! I ended up creating some artwork for postcards and shirts for the shop and later, when Covid took over our world, he hit me up looking for stark black and white art that gave an overwhelming feeling of the isolation many of us were experiencing. My work does abide.

The album features both unreleased and remastered tracks from Covid 19, Hardcore Connection, I-Reject, Wisdom in Chains, Merauder, Doom Day, Down My Throat, First Blood, Vendetta, Yuppicide, T.S.O.L., Sheer Terror, Dmize, Devil Inside, Last Hope, Anticops, and Ryker's. It comes with a poster of the cover art as well as some stickers of my little covid-headed figure. Ominous layout by Timo Schlosser from Bureau Omega.

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Album back cover

Covid 19 Album cover

Snag one from Coretex Records here and help some Berliners get through this crisis (available in Ltd gold, green or black vinyl). Thanks Bader, Timo, and Jesse Jones!

Melvins Valentine's Day Poster

Melvins Valentine's Day poster

I've got a new fluffy Melvins poster here to snuggle. Lizzy, a surprise multi-headed Valentine's Day gift, is inspired by some of the critters that have graced past album covers plus a few more friendly house pets.

This is my fourth poster for the band and was created for their romantic Valentine's soirée at the Mystic in Petaluma, CA. I got to catch the band play at Slim's a couple nights before in SF with bonus bassist Kevin Rutmanis (The Cows, Tomahawk) playing from the back balcony, pulverizing our guts from both ends with Steven McDonald. Plus, my Mom's two favorite bands opened!

I'm told these posters sold out rather quickly at the show, but I've got some more now available in my shop.

Melvins Valentine's Day poster detail

Melvins original Valentine drawing

Melvins poster at scale

• 18"x24" 4-color silkscreen gig poster
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered prints
• 100lb Cougar Smooth Natural Cover archival paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA.
• Posters ship in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube

Available here.

Thank you Melvins, Monolith Press & Secret Serpents!