Police Brutality Coloring Book

Looking for a perfect gift that celebrates peace this holiday season? How about a Police Brutality Coloring Book:

This is an art project/zine (not for kids). 46 contemporary artists have contributed drawings in response to the recent wave of excessive force used by the police in U.S. cities.

Noah Becker, Tim Biskup, George Boorujy, Kevin Bourgeois, Paul Brainard, Sam Crees, Daniel Davidson, Joel Dugan, EHF, Steve Ellis, Shepard Fairey, Ryan Ford, Dawn Frasch, Brandon Friend, Eliesha Grant, Rebecca Goyette, Maya Hayuk, Liz Insogna, Aaron Johnson, Emily Noelle Lambert, LMNOP, Alfredo Martinez, Lorenzo Masnah, Jason Mitchell, Adriano Moraes, Daryll Peirce, Taylor James Pierce, Jonathan Podwil, Pork, Quel Beast, Nic Rad, Ron Richter, Christine Rucker, Michael Scoggins, Scott Sjobakken, Harley Smart, Andrew Smenos, Adam Suerte, ErlandTait, Pamela Tait, Sam Trioli, Trustocorp, Erik Volet, Chase Winkler, David Yow, and it's creator Joe Heaps Nelson.

"It's a 48 page old school zine and the most punk rock thing I've done in years. I want to thank my immensely talented friends for making this project go from dream to reality in 6 seconds." - Joe Heaps Nelson

Buy it for $12 here: http://policebrutalitycoloringbook.com

Art Basel 2011

Going to Miami again this year for the art overload clusterfuck that is Art Basel was a last minute decision, but well worth it. After meeting up with some LA/NYC homies, the first stop was the Underbelly Project. Basically, 103 artist were snuck into an abandoned NYC subway station 4 levels below the city two at a time over a year and a half to complete a hidden museum of street work. The project had recently expanded to Paris. This was an exhibit showing a selection from 20 artists as well as an Underbelly book release and signing.

Pants from PAC unwashed for the entire length of the project and this sketchy ladder that made climbing underground in pitch blackness feel like an Indiana Jones adventure.

An epileptic inducing wall showing time lapses of all 103 artists work. Yes, this is the best photo I took of it here with photobomber Logan Hicks. Reminds me of the infamous sasquatch photo.

The book is amazing and I recommend picking one up. Published by Rizzoli and available now.  

This limited box set edition of 100 was released at the signing and featured all artists and the dates they went down etched into the face of an oak box which held the book and prints.

Drawing and writing names alongside Jim Darling, HAZE and Ron English. This was the only hour of responsibility I had the whole trip.

Jim and Tina Darling created a meticulously detailed subway car out of upcycled wood.

Have a seat and watch Style Wars again.

Hard to show the intricacies involved with this thing.

Over 2 tons.

Mark Jenkins

Dabs & Myla

Logan Hicks


Our walls weren't really that interesting so Jim Darling and I asked business owners if we could paint their spot. The friendly folks of Fairy Shoes gave us not only the spot, but ladders too–a precious commodity during this week.

The owners were sketched out about using the tall ladders so I made sure to roll sketch a character up high the night before so we'd have to use 'em. 

We invited Dan Weise, Hox, Galo, Brian Butler and Josh Taylor to get down. Cheers to hodge podgery. 

The Deuce!

I saw so much amazing work (duh) and here's a tiny sampling of works that I managed to take photos between camera issues.

Brett Amory at ArtsFund

Hanging wire/mesh sculpture

Rime faces wall

How and Nosm detail

Logan Hicks

Pixel Poncho


A sampling from Primary Project's "Here Lies Georges Wildenstein" exhibit.

Miru Kim created quite a stir with her living installation, "The Pig That Therefor I Am" in which she spent 100 hours living nude alongside two pigs in a glass enclosure which voyeurs could observe.

Shanky shanky

I found a couple pieces that softly reminded me of some of my similar concepts. The pieces are obviously vastly different in approach, scale, concept and $, but just a bit similar s'all.

Taking a joke to the fullest extent.

A joke that never went beyond a sketch.

Spent one evening at these collectors' house. Great artwork all over, but my favorite was there TV room floor/couch.

Right near the beach boiiiiii!