Another year for my favorite holiday. I love it when Halloween is on a weekday so there ends up being two Halloween weekend nights on top of All Hallows Eve itself. Unfortunately the Castro was closed off for Halloween night due to last year's stabbings, etc. So we started off here at my friend Domonique's house in Nobb Hill/TL.

Euro-trash Dan

Domonique's boyfriend wins my best costume of the weekend. He built his own segway out of a scooter and miscellaneous parts. Sweet helmet too.

Check out the cardboard instrument panel. Later he bombed a couple hills until a wheel fell off.

This is their bike makin' and fixin' area.


Euro-trash Daryll

Headed over to the mission and at some point Double Dutch. I dig their neon chandeliers.

$2 Olys all the time

The bet was that they'd play Bel Biv Devoe. Tadashi and Dan had to take off their shirts for the whole song. They didn't that bar plays middle school dance music.

Pre-crunk Dan

Brad & Angelina

Ran into Mike Cheese outside and Dan gave him his light up belt buckle.

End of night Dan & Thriller

Next night out to Slim's to check out Hightower. Here's Casey getting down on some kareoke.

We all wish we could forget Tadashi's "My Way"

Casey, the Ghetto Tooth Fairy

"Tasloshi" end of night


Hurricane Pat and Coyne came up for the weekend to skate, but mostly just to drink and pee in Dan's plant. See how happy Dan is taking care of us. Dave's Effort video part has some of this weekend's couch festivities in the intro.

Previously this night Tadashi and Pat got held up at gunpoint walking back from the sketchmart. Look at Pat though (the one with the mustache), Halloween is a week away. Who wouldn't want to mug him. We went back and forth between Radio and The Ruby Room 7 times and Tadashi rubbed a stuffed buffalo in a bouncer's face. He stopped being mildly annoyed when Tasloshi explained it had been down his pants all night–weird thing was that it was. Somehow nobody killed us that night.

Pat relaxing with Dave's hooker:

Hit up the Novato, and old Petaluma (photos) and Santa Rosa parks all Sunday.

Shaver came into town and called on a Tuesday afternoon to go drink whiskey all day in Dolores Park...why not? This is where it took us...

Also saw this rad stencil whilst stumbling around Lower Haight that evening:


Its been way too long since I've been back to the mile high city where I went to art school. Met up with some good doods and Nick Lyons (AKA White Nick) took me out to the best ramp I've skated. It was like a skatenerd playground with extensions, rounded corners into sketchy skinnies, a swingin' rope, smooth painted pool coping all the way around and free beer-nice touch. Apparently Jeff, Charlie and the dudes were just finishing it up that day and we all took first runs. Thanks doods.

It snowed so things got a bit weird. Basement wall jam skating complete with wigs, fox tails, crossbows and of course...beer. Luckily the guns didn't make an appearance, they just hung out in the corner.

This is Tack, he's named after Tack "the cack" from the Stoned Age. I lived with him off and on for 5 years. Almost lost him due to a tumor 1/3 the size of his chest, luckily it was removed and he's recovering well.

Showing up just in time became the theme for the trip. After a big snow, Adam Walczak, White Nick and I went to meet up with Cotton, Marco and some other doods clearing out a bowl at the Sheridan park. They were just finishing up a lot of shoveling and drying so again, we got first runs.