Hurricane Pat and Coyne came up for the weekend to skate, but mostly just to drink and pee in Dan's plant. See how happy Dan is taking care of us. Dave's Effort video part has some of this weekend's couch festivities in the intro.

Previously this night Tadashi and Pat got held up at gunpoint walking back from the sketchmart. Look at Pat though (the one with the mustache), Halloween is a week away. Who wouldn't want to mug him. We went back and forth between Radio and The Ruby Room 7 times and Tadashi rubbed a stuffed buffalo in a bouncer's face. He stopped being mildly annoyed when Tasloshi explained it had been down his pants all night–weird thing was that it was. Somehow nobody killed us that night.

Pat relaxing with Dave's hooker:

Hit up the Novato, and old Petaluma (photos) and Santa Rosa parks all Sunday.

Shaver came into town and called on a Tuesday afternoon to go drink whiskey all day in Dolores Park...why not? This is where it took us...

Also saw this rad stencil whilst stumbling around Lower Haight that evening:

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