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Tire Planters and Tall Boys flier

Amber at Never Ender let me put together a 'lil show in my hometown with some of my closest friends, some of whom hail from the Reno area. The show opened on 9/29 with most artists in attendance, even Jesse Jones from NYC and Jim Darling from Venice Beach. It was also paired up with a solo show in an additional space by the prolific Reno artist Ron Rash. A perfect mash-up of contexts.

Artists: Lesley Reppeteaux, Robert Bolick, Mike Maxwell, Jim Darling, Christina Anderson, Poor Al, Daniel Vigil, Jesse Jones, Josh Yoches, Daryll Peirce

Made a photo viewer for the show photos and the rest of the Reno escapades HERE.

Also took this quick vid of the TP&TB space.


Bomit's concept show featuring the work of Top Worldwide Street Artists such as Shepard Fairey, Logan Hicks, Daryll Peirce, Evil Design, Asbestos, DAVe, Ethos, Plasma Slugs, Uneek, Sleep ZZZ, Hazchem, Gaia, Visual Narcotics/20mg, Lindsey Kuhn, Matt Siren, Toy Eater, REMED, Fefe, Zach McDonald, Billi Kid, Cherrycore, Failure, NO/FI, Discoshit, FARO, Peat Wollaeger, The Killer Gerbil, ICON, Billy Bishop, Arrrgh!, Cieto ATV, Nomad, Eyeskull, LukeDaDuke, Fear The Ripper, Robots Will Kill, FERG, and You. Winter Street Studios, 2101 Winter St, Houston, TX 77007.

Juxtapoz review here. Check out some Flickr pics of the opeing here.


Designerated up a couple books for Evan Goodfellow. Skateboard Daze at Hollywood High is a teen novel. I shot Dan Vigil for the cover and all the photos of Rails, Rails, Rails are from Tadashi.


Thriller on the move from the streets of Oakland to snowy Denver

Sunrise just before getting into Denver

Showed Greg a bit of my old town. Here's the fairly new Denver Art Museum.

and its guts

Nieve and Greg hanging out in "cowtown"

Capital and CIvic Center Park. Used to skate here almost every day fo 5 years

Used to skate this fountain too. Now its full with this lovely anti-moron railing.

Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center

View of Boulder from up the base of the Flatirons

Greg hanging out with Stella the hairless cat

Alpine slide at Heritage Park in Golden, CO

Me, Rosy & Greg

Rosy & Greg

Red Rocks Amphitheater

These guys were rescue training

Elich Lanes

Commons Park by the Denver skatepark. Another circle of perfect resonance. Stand here and listen to your voice reverb out.

Met up with Rosy's sister (and my old roommate) Eva for some draanks. It's national Pirate day.

Back up to Boulder for Celia's (Rosy's cousin) wedding.

Here's their uncle Mike playing some damn good violin.

This is just how their family does it...all out. Everyone's a musician, artist, dancer, etc, etc, etc.

Chuck Parson (Celia's dad) is a brilliant artist and sculptor (on the left) that used to teach at the art school I went to. Unfortunately I never had him as a teacher, but several of my friends did, and loved him. As you can see, he also gets down on the bass.

Rosy trying to get me to dance

Celia & Rosy

Got Eva and a few others to do the worm. For more of Eva's worms, click here.

Rosy's cousin Bryan showed off some of his juggling and fire dancing/eating skills at the next day's BBQ.


Whooohoooo! Just bought a house in West Oakland with my homey Tadashi! Its a 3 unit building and we'll be renting out 2 of 'em, so holler if yer interested.


Well, I'm peacing out of here (West Oakland) soon to live with my lady Nieve in Denver until she finishes her grad program out there. Already can't wait to be back in the Bay, but looking forward to another adventure. Spent the last days busting my ass for some shows, surfing and friending in my favorite spots as much as possible.

Someone hung these up in our hood

Bike ride up through Piedmont Park. Within some hiking trails found all these blackberries.


Checked out Jeremy Fish's show at White Walls here's Ryan who came in town to surf. He also taught me how to surf long ago.

Dan & Casey. Team swill.

Tadashi, ¢95 "Out The Door"

This is what surfing looks like in SF. Not pretty.

Sir Ryan

I'll miss this Oakland mural. Celebrating all nations, through stereotypes

Checked out a free Fellini film, 8 1/2, in Washington Square Park.

Going to miss this place

Walking back to BART with Ryan, Greg, Megan. I didn't bring my bike...I'm lame.

We Open! New "sketchy-er" mart around the corner from my house.

Megan packed up this kit for our moving journey to Denver. Greg came with me to check out the 16 hour drive (I-80-50-70) and Denver for a bit. Whoohoo.