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Tire Planters and Tall Boys flier

Amber at Never Ender let me put together a 'lil show in my hometown with some of my closest friends, some of whom hail from the Reno area. The show opened on 9/29 with most artists in attendance, even Jesse Jones from NYC and Jim Darling from Venice Beach. It was also paired up with a solo show in an additional space by the prolific Reno artist Ron Rash. A perfect mash-up of contexts.

Artists: Lesley Reppeteaux, Robert Bolick, Mike Maxwell, Jim Darling, Christina Anderson, Poor Al, Daniel Vigil, Jesse Jones, Josh Yoches, Daryll Peirce

Made a photo viewer for the show photos and the rest of the Reno escapades HERE.

Also took this quick vid of the TP&TB space.

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