Well, I'm peacing out of here (West Oakland) soon to live with my lady Nieve in Denver until she finishes her grad program out there. Already can't wait to be back in the Bay, but looking forward to another adventure. Spent the last days busting my ass for some shows, surfing and friending in my favorite spots as much as possible.

Someone hung these up in our hood

Bike ride up through Piedmont Park. Within some hiking trails found all these blackberries.


Checked out Jeremy Fish's show at White Walls here's Ryan who came in town to surf. He also taught me how to surf long ago.

Dan & Casey. Team swill.

Tadashi, ¢95 "Out The Door"

This is what surfing looks like in SF. Not pretty.

Sir Ryan

I'll miss this Oakland mural. Celebrating all nations, through stereotypes

Checked out a free Fellini film, 8 1/2, in Washington Square Park.

Going to miss this place

Walking back to BART with Ryan, Greg, Megan. I didn't bring my bike...I'm lame.

We Open! New "sketchy-er" mart around the corner from my house.

Megan packed up this kit for our moving journey to Denver. Greg came with me to check out the 16 hour drive (I-80-50-70) and Denver for a bit. Whoohoo.

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