Finally got to hang out with Ahren and Jen for a bit in our hometown, Reno. Somehow we never met even though we went to the same highschool and have been showing in the same galleries for a while now. These photos were from their show at the Never Ender Gallery.

This is Ahren's work–beautiful. I think he's represented by Gallery 1988 and has a solo show coming up with their LA spot and another show coming up at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

Collab piece between Jen and Ahren.

These are all Jen's dope handmade characters with amazing titles, none of which I can remember.

Anyway, rad peeps, forgot to get a photo of them, so go check out their work and say hi.


Finally was able to get me stache dusty in Dallas. That sounds kind of fucked, but it was good to see some of the good 'ol boys and put our livers and facial composure to the test again. Roper and I look damn dapper in this here photo. Must have been the beauty sleep till 3pm from the night before, or just the black and white.

Real life Texans Skid (groom), Jim & Ryan.

Talked Tina into gettin' down and dirty.

Gross...but sooo good to lick the cold shit cheese off the womb broom

Lone Star breeds Texas pride.

Roper writing down his speech moments before the wedding

Congrats Skid and Robin!

Apparently, any asshole with $25 and a pen can become a reverend. *Note: cheaper than hiring someone.

Dallas. Sweet ball. Can you see the Robocop building?


Boys Named Sue played some rockabilly country with some bonus King of the Hill riffs and Eminem covers.

Old bowling lanes

Favorite photo

...and the inevitable drunken swarm. Look out for teeth.

Mike Mercer and Slappy

Bringin' back the trough

Ye 'ol chums from Debonshire

Fully poseable