APE 2007

Had a swell time behind and outside my booth at this year's Alternative Press Expo in SF. I split the booth between my artwork and clothing project INDVSL. Here's Greg and Rosy. Bought and traded for a bunch of really cool shit.

Casey, Dan Vigil, Jaxon, and Chris Laschelle

My mom doing hairwhips and my Grandmar. Nieve's sticking her mug in too.

Peeps grabbing up Lesley Reppeteaux's new hoody

Ryan and Jesse Ruppert

Chris & Jaxon

Stuffed Bear roadkill


Went down to LA and San Diego to check out some art stuff and be with friends. First stop was Thinkspace's "Pcks of the Harvest" show. The turnout was crazy, this place was way too crowded. Can't blame 'em though, the caliber of work for such a massive group show was quite literally brilliant. Over 120 artists from 10 countries and 21 states. Wish I had more photos of individual pieces, but it was too cramped to snap 'em.

There's a couple of my darker pieces ("Bound No 1" and "Bound No 2") in the middle there

Afterwards I had probably the most fun I've had in Jim Darling and Tina Anderson's a stairwell til about 5am.

Jim's skull shifter

Jim getting cans ready for their Penguii project

Did a piece in Jim's book

This is what Tina was working on...beautiful

Headed on down to San Diego and stopped at Distinction on the way to pick up my work from the last show. Met up with Downtimer who I had just met at Thinkspace a couple nights before as well as Daniel Fleres and Matt Linares-good doods.

This is Nieve's sister Eva. I lived with her in SD for a few years. Go out to the Cafe on the end of the OB Pier and say hi.

Big Daddy Coyne

Pat, Eva, Tamara, Creme and new dog on the front of our old Ocean Beach house

Went to Little Italy for some grub and gelato with Chad and Mara before heading back north.


Nicole from Artheads featured my "G & S" painting and the thoughts behind it on her site.