Mudhoney Poster

Mudhoney show poster

My latest silkscreen poster for SubPop legends of the Seattle music scene, Mudhoney! Just your average wandering sound explorer here, sensing and feeling his way through some curious flora in a foreign land.

Mudhoney poster signature

Mudhoney numbered gig poster

• 18"x24"
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered
• 4 color silkscreen gig poster
• 100lb archival cover paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA
• Posters ship numerically by order in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube
* Limit 2 per customer

Available now in my shop over yonder.

Original ink drawing
Original inkwork
Mudhoney poster detail

Mudhoney by Daryll Peirce detail

Thank you Mudhoney for the jams, Secret Serpents for connecting us and Monolith Press for the masterful-as-always screenprinting!

SF Transbay Transit Center Mural

Transbay mural by Daryll Peirce
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

I had a blast painting up my little 32' corner of the recently opened Transbay Terminal in San Francisco.

Salesforce Transbay Center architectural rendering
ArtSpan SF corralled 38 artists to paint the entire street level of the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center over a 3-5 day period. These individual manifestations were contracted to liven up the exterior of this architectural achievement while the interior construction is underway and retail spaces built out over the next year.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 1

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 2

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural teamwork
I was lucky enough to get two friends' help for this quick three day turnaround wall. Massive thank you to Mario Navasero and Kristi Holohan for availing themselves to assist and provide endless laughs and camaraderie.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 3
Final strokes

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural detail
For those interested, this was my concept proposal which gives the gist of how this entity came to be:

“I wish to celebrate the thriving energy and vibrancy that the city of San Francisco both harnesses and inspires in those lucky enough to live within or visit. At the center is a sphere of raw, dynamic energy–an interwoven enigmatic phenomenon representing the “magic” moment that exists between matter and energy, between an idea and a reality. For me, San Francisco is the place where these abstract concepts and the metaphysical become reality. We are in constant flux, pushing, pulling and reacting to this pulsating life-force of creativity.”

Mario Navasero and Daryll Peirce Artspan mural

SF Transbay Center interior atrium
Transbay interior atrium with floor installation by Julie Chang

Nigel Sussman mural
There's 38 murals to peruse at the site, so I thought I'd just share my kiddos' favorites. Here's my boy loving the work of Nigel Sussman.

Sugabus mural
My daughter with a portion of her favorite work by Sugabus

Transbay Center rooftop park
Photo: Matt Edge

San Francisco Transbay Terminal rooftop park
Go to the public rooftop park! It's a splendor of landscape architectural beauty and a calming green oasis above the busy SoMa streets.

San Francisco Transbay Terminal opening day
I couldn't make it to the opening day, but not too sad about that based upon this photo. Yeesh, that's quite an infestation of humans.

Gigantic 'Cloudbursting' Hazy IPA

Gigantic Cloudbursting beer label
With great effervescent elation I'm happy to share this new hazy IPA bottle release from the talented brewmasters of Gigantic Brewing!

Gigantic Cloudbursting beer bottle
This particular brew is collaboration between Gigantic (Portland, OR) and Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing. It was kismet when the name 'Cloudbursting' was passed my way and though there was some concept exploration, this idea came to fruition rather quickly and I'm super happy with the end result.

Part of the fun of working with Gigantic (other than the creative freedom, trust, and great suds) is getting to choose a quote that compliments the art and/or the beer to adorn the label. I went with this one from good ol' Al Einstein, which fit perfectly in relating to my current work, the beer, and the 'art' of drinking itself:

“Creativity is one of those hypnotic words which are prone to cast a spell upon our understanding and dissolve our thinking into haze.”

Gigantic and Bailey's Taproom also partnered up for the National Brain Tumor Society for the beer's initial release, which was very cool to hear about and hits home for a few reasons.

Gigantic Cloudbursting tap handle
We just so happened to be on our annual summer Oregon Coast/Portland adventure during the brewery's release of Cloudbursting, so we dropped in with some buddies to drink some of that deliciously hazy devil juice!

Van Havig of Gigantic Brewing
Thank you for all the hospitality Van!

Kiss the bottle
*Wife approved

Drinking friends
Sure miss these Oakland-PDX transplants!

Gigantic cheers
Mmmmmm...dissolving into haze indeed.

Don't be a Richard

Gigantic Cloudbursting bottle
Craft Beer Nerdery:
Cloudbursting Hazy IPA is described as a super juicy, soft and fluffy IPA loaded with Experimental Hop 522, Citra, Crystal and Simcoe hops creating a tropical, citrusy and dank deliciousness.

Tasting Notes: Candied Citrus, Tangerine, Pineapple, Ripe Strawberry, dank
Malts: NW Pale, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats, Demerara Sugar
Hops: Experimental Hop 522, Citra, Crystal, Simcoe, Nugget
Color: Hazy Gold
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 58

Gigantic Brewing Cloudbursting Hazy IPA fine art poster print
16"x20" Art Posters! 

Dig it the art? Dig the Beer? Both? Grab yourself a fancy poster available here.

Gigantic's artist label posters are printed with high quality inks on heavy matte paper, bagged in mylar and rolled in a 3 inch sturdy cardboard tube. $60, shipping included with some stickers t'boot.

Thank you Gigantic, Rob Reger and Buzz Parker for getting me on board for beer #71. I'm honored to be among the superb roster of beer-loving artists and friends to grace their quiver of delicious quaffs. BTW, these will be gone soon, so grab some where you can, while you can. Cheers!

MELVINS Poster - The Venue, Vancouver, BC

Melvins Poster
Hey Butty! Who like's creepy butts and they cannot lie? Got a new split-fountain Melvins poster here for ya. Go grab youself a heini!

Melvins Poster numbered

Melvins Poster signature

Melvins Poster detail
Hey butty!

Melvins Poster scale
For scale

• 18"x24" (standard frame size)
• Edition of 100. Hand signed and numbered.
• Dual split fountain, 3 color hand-printed silkscreen gig poster.
• Printed on thick 100lb archival cover stock
• Printed by Monolith Press in Alameda, CA
• Posters ship numerically by order number in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round mailing tube
* Limit 2 per customer

Available now in my shop.
Check that dual split fountain silkscreen printing thanks to the masterful printing of Monolith Press! So smoooove.

Artist roster for the Melvins' Pinkus Abortion Technician tour with Jeff Pinkus and Steven McDonald on bass! Heavy shit man.

Thanks Melvins and Secret Serpents for having me out to the Great American Music Hall show here in SF! That dual bass had the place a'rattlin' and the naughty parts a'tinglin'.

Remastered - Faultline Artspace, Oakland

Pulsatory Oblivion Joy Division Album Cover remaster
Pulsatory Oblivion (12"x12" acrylic on panel)

My contribution to “Remastered - An Album Cover Art Show, in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the 12" LP

Pulsatory Oblivion detail

I've been on a black and white linear bender lately and when asked to contribute to this show, the iconic Unknown Pleasures album, by Joy Division, was the first thing that popped into my head. After brainstorming for a day and reminiscing through my youthful musical influences and phases, I circled back around to this black and white beauty, created by then Factory Records designer, Peter Saville:

In the process, I found this inspiring interview with Peter Saville in which he explains where the image came from, why the band needed to have it, and what it represents. I'm not going to spoil it and highly recommend you give it a quick watch:

And while we're on the subject of film, Control is an amazing movie about the afflicted life of Ian Curtis and the story of Joy Division:

“Remastered” opens Saturday night, July 21st from 6-9pm at Faultline Artspace (815 High St, Oakland, CA). See a slew of iconic album cover homages from all these talented folks:

Shaun Burner, Franceska Gamez, Max Kauffman, Safety First, John Honton, Jared Roses, Jon Carling, Daryll Peirce, Sparkles Positron, Nome Edonna, Lee Harvey Roswell, Emonic, David Fullarton, Lisa Pisa, Azul Cuéllar, Dara Lorenzo, Chris Granillo, Melanin Buford, Dean Stuart, Derek Moore, Zachary Sweet, Cameron Thompson, Santos Shelton, Joe Mur, Madeleine Tonzi, Rafael Tapia Iii, Girl On Bus, Ally Burke, Rocky Angel, Sendy Santamaria , Chris Micro, Will Atwood, Alex Sodari, Montana Manalo, Pawn Paint, Jose Di Gregorio, Leaveswell, Jared Tharp, Peggy Crovetto, Ozi Magana, Bill Prochnow, Armando Resendez, Kimlynh Chun, Avi Shorer, Ryan Mcjunkin, Raul D' Mauries, Felicia Ann, Mario Navasero

Curated by Los Tres Amigos

There will be music, local craft beer, food and art available for purchase. The event venue, which is also the studio of over 20 local artists, will be open for all to visit during the show. Kids are welcomed! Admission is FREE!

MASTODON Poster - Marymoor Park, Seattle, WA

Mastodon limited edition posters

I'm pretty ecstatic about these beasts–these snarling, writhing, sliming, spitting, drooling, salivating, uvula-exploding, tusky beasts! Open up and say “BLAHRGHSSLLLUARPUGH!”

• 18"x24" (standard frame size)
• Edition of 100, hand signed and numbered
• 3 color silkscreen authentic band-sanctioned gig poster
• Printed on thick 100lb Cover
• Printed at Forthrite Printing, Oakland, CA

Available here.

Mastdon posters fresh off the press
Fresh off the press photo from Forthrite

Mastodon poster detail

Mastodon original ink art for posters
Chomp on this original ink

Mastodon sketch process animated gif
Super detailed rough sketch

Mastodon poster sketch 3


Thank you Mastodon, Secret Serpents, and Forthrite Printing!

Snatch one up in my shop here.