G40 - Washington DC

Art Whino returns to the Capital in 2011 from 5/19-6/17 for the second edition of G40 and I'll be showing a 20' x 8' mural.

The first G40 art summit in 2010 compounded artistically explosive cultures from all over the world and brought them to the DC metro area. By bringing all of these cultures from throughout the world to one place it allowed the visitor to be fully immersed in over 2000 works by 500 artists organized by floors corresponding to their cultural hubs.

The G40 Art Summit is a unprecedented experience in the art world with its scale and caliber of artists from around the world. This year the summit comes to the city next to the U street corridor taking over an entire 25,000 sqft building and showcasing art on all of it 4 floors.  From over twenty artists showcasing 16’ Murals to traditionally displayed artwork the summit will definitely have sensory overload requiring multiple trips to take in all the treats for the eyes.

May 19th - June 17th
Location: 2213-2217 14th street NW (the corner of 14th and W NW)

Full schedule, artist list and info here.

I Have A Dream, I Have A Nightmare

Ad Hoc Art presents "I have a dream, I have a nightmare" opening this Friday the 13th on Elm Street from 7-11pm.

An eclectic and electric charge of vast creativity, synapses, and neural networks seeping into Los Angeles’ art mind via New Puppy Gallery, LA.

"That we are living in very fascinating, interesting, and unprecedented times on the cusp of something tremendous is clear. What that "something tremendous" is, exactly, is within the eye of the witness.  What comes of today is made by our choices in it.  We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.  Thus, dreams, nightmares, and Friday the 13th energies have been called upon, harnessed, and unleashed for your visual delight, debuting this 13th of May."

Artists include Alison Buxton, Beau Stanton, Bill Fick, Broken Crow, Bunnie Reiss, Chor Boogie, Chris Stain, CRASH, Dabs & Myla, Daryll Peirce, David Loewenstein, Don Leicht, Ezra Li Eismont, Garrison Buxton, Hellbent, Joe Iurato, John Breiner, John Carr, John Fekner, Jordan Seiler, Know Hope, Lady Pink, Michael De Feo, Mikal Hameed, Paul Booth, Peat Wollaeger, Ray Cross, Rex Dingler, ROA, Robert Steel, Sean Starwars, TheDirtyFabulous, & Thundercut.

May 13, 2011 at 2808 Elm Street, Los Angeles, California 90065 (map). 323.439.3355

Poster Cause Project

The Poster Cause Project creates fine art prints to benefit various charity organizations large and small. They donate 50%-75% of their profits to a rotating roster of charities such as Amnesty International, Make A Wish Foundation, Freedom to Marry, and most recently Doctors Without Borders who received $4300 from PCP to aid with medical teams responding to the tsunami in Japan.

Recently, I donated the Conjoined Collision Culmination print as well as another for Japan which I'm guessing will be released soon.