Finally got surgery on my elbow after having it dislocated and broken (for the 3rd time within a year) and having to sit on it for 3 months due to doctors canceling my surgery.

Scar looks good though. Don't really need the painkillers anymore either, just get to wear this awesome brace to again to China. Nieve's packed and leaving for China 3 weeks before me for her Landscape Architecture MFA program. I'll be meeting her in Beijing soon.

Getting prepared with a little Gang of Four

Rosy's gone and the arm's fucked. Greg's surprise birthday and owl poop helped cheer things up.

We all made signs for him before he got home

Greg, Muggs, Strange, Stanger, Emily?

Emma & Cheese

ADAM 5100

Adam's one fun-ars dood to be around. His stencil work is dope too, check it out. He gets ridiculous with sometimes as much as 32 hand cut layers...so far. He gave me my first Oakland bar tour when I first moved out to the east side. We met up with him to give him a flow package of Sabotaz paint that our friend Logan Hicks (another amazing stencil artist) reps.

Sample of Adam's work

Adam was pretty hyped on his cigarette extender find


Wednesday night's drinking session led to a pretty awesome decision to shave skullets into our domes.

Tadashi before:

Durl before:

Self barbery

No turning back now

Learning the art of the comb-over

Out of beer. Moving onto champagne left in the fridge since New Year's Eve

Learning the wild-eyed creepy guy with the cat look

debonnaire wrapped in a fine dressing of suave

Tadashi: out

I think this dood sang for that shitty Prodigy band

Ol' man Dwithers. Welcome to the future.