Well I won the first Juxtapoz "Get Exposed" deal and got my first profile in the mag. Thanks to William and Ert from Jux and Joey of ArtNowSF!

Juxtapoz Get Exposed poster

111 Minna wall

Getting a nose in my ear & John Casey in front of his work

Greg & Megan

Me and my sister Taryn

Here's my pieces in the show: "Realization of Symbiosis"

"Cry of the Pigeon"

"Hatching of the Pigeon"

"The Rebirthing" top

"The Rebirthing" bottom

Bad crowd photo

Mom & Dad in town from Reno

My pops and Tadashi

DJ boobs

DJ no boobs

Ert's hands

Check out my profile page in this issue of Jux with Alex Pardee's work on the cover and more on the Jux site HERE. Also thanks to Bird on the Wire for posting this.

Juxtapoz covers