Adrifter - 10 Years in Wonderland, SF

Adrifter by Daryll Peirce
Adrifter - 20"x20" acrylic on panel
Adrifter by Daryll Peirce detail
Float on down to 111 Minna Gallery for the “10 Years in Wonderland” show.

The opening reception is Friday June 1, from 5pm-Late. Curated by Irene Hernandez-Feiks of Wonderland SF in celebration of their 10 year anniversary with their family of artists. This will be a hell of a show and night with all these talented art folks:

Abel Manalo, Alberto Ybarra, Alec Huxley, Amanda Lynn, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Andrew Fuller, Ashley Bell, Brett, Crawford, Chor Boogie, Chris Leib, Chris W. Stokes, Daniel Segrove, Daryll Peirce, Delphyne Veyrat d'Urbet, Dianne Hoffman, Doug RhodesFelicia AnnFelicia Gabaldon, Gillian Lee KellerGustavo Rimada, Helice WenHilary Williams, Ian Reynold, Irene Feiks, Jan Kaláb, Jennifer King, John Wentz, Jon ChingJoshua Lawyer, Josh Thurman, Kenneth Malone, Kevin Earl Taylor, Lana Kohn, Laura Buss, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leon Loucheur, Lucas Bononi, Luciano Roque, Marcus Era, Marina Berlin, Mark Campbell, Melanie Alves, Micah LeBrun, Michael Murphy, Mj Lindo, Monty Guy, N8 Van Dyke (Nate Van Dyke), Nome Edonna, Olympia Altimir Galvez, Patrick Hoffmeister, Phillip Hua, Ransom and Mitchell, Raul D'Mauries, Reiner Hansen, Renee Castro, Robert D Harris, Robert Bowen, Robert Garcia, Rogelio Martinez, Safi Kolozsvari, Sergio Lopez, Telopa, Tracy Piper Sutherland, Ursula Xanthe Young

10 Years in Wonderland flyer front

10 Years in Wonderland flyer back

Adrifter sketch
Super detailed preliminary sketch

Serenity Seeker - 12x12 show at Spoke Art, SF

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce

Very late on this post here, but I wanted to share this piece I created for Spoke Art SF's 12x12 show. Always a pleasure working with them and the opening was a hot with my kiddos in tow. For availability, please reach out to Spoke (
Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 1

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 2

Serenity Seeker piece by Daryll Peirce detail 3
12x12 opening night photo 1

12x12 opening night photo 2

12x12 opening night photo 3

12x12 opening night photo 4

Love that Shaun Roberts guy who took these here opening night photos.