Thriller on the move from the streets of Oakland to snowy Denver

Sunrise just before getting into Denver

Showed Greg a bit of my old town. Here's the fairly new Denver Art Museum.

and its guts

Nieve and Greg hanging out in "cowtown"

Capital and CIvic Center Park. Used to skate here almost every day fo 5 years

Used to skate this fountain too. Now its full with this lovely anti-moron railing.

Big Blue Bear at the Convention Center

View of Boulder from up the base of the Flatirons

Greg hanging out with Stella the hairless cat

Alpine slide at Heritage Park in Golden, CO

Me, Rosy & Greg

Rosy & Greg

Red Rocks Amphitheater

These guys were rescue training

Elich Lanes

Commons Park by the Denver skatepark. Another circle of perfect resonance. Stand here and listen to your voice reverb out.

Met up with Rosy's sister (and my old roommate) Eva for some draanks. It's national Pirate day.

Back up to Boulder for Celia's (Rosy's cousin) wedding.

Here's their uncle Mike playing some damn good violin.

This is just how their family does it...all out. Everyone's a musician, artist, dancer, etc, etc, etc.

Chuck Parson (Celia's dad) is a brilliant artist and sculptor (on the left) that used to teach at the art school I went to. Unfortunately I never had him as a teacher, but several of my friends did, and loved him. As you can see, he also gets down on the bass.

Rosy trying to get me to dance

Celia & Rosy

Got Eva and a few others to do the worm. For more of Eva's worms, click here.

Rosy's cousin Bryan showed off some of his juggling and fire dancing/eating skills at the next day's BBQ.

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