MELVINS - Long Beach Posters

Melvins Long Beach poster, Alex's Bar

I'm excited to share my 5th MELVINS poster for their Electric Roach tour! Visualizing the sludgy heaviness of the Melvins' complex audioblasphemy ain't easy, but here's my attempt. The struggle of the mind is very real and this poor soul is going through some heaviness. If you can relate, I feel for ya.

Melvins lava foil variant poster

And here are the extra melty lava foil variants. There's only 10 of these beauties in all of existence, so if it's hypnotic melty allure grabs you, snatch one up quickly and get lost in that swirly goo! These are are SO much more vibrant and prismatic when beheld in person.

Melvins lava foil poster close up detail

Snatch up your choice of these anxiety-ridden beasts from my web shop here. Worldwide shipping available.

Melvins at their merch booth at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, CA

Big thanks again to the Melvins, Secret Serpents and of course Monolith Press who once again amazed me with their printing expertise and perfection. These came out better than I could have imagined.

Original ink drawing for the Melvins
Original ink drawing

Daryll Peirce Vex painting

This small 10x10" acrylic on panel Vex painting recently came back into my life and is what inspired the Melvins more grotesque counterpart poster. Please inquire via email if interested.

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