Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA

Crocker Museum piece

Grateful to be showing this “A Momentary Quietus” piece at the Crocker Art Museum and to have my work in such a beautiful building among an incredible collection. Somehow this was my first time visiting the California capital area and Old Sacramento. What an ornately stunningly and beautiful museum! I love the fusing of the historical architecture with the newer modern wing. Also dug having he first real date night in a very long time.

The annual auction show will be on view and available for bidding from 5/26-6/5 though the Museum.

Direct link to my piece here. There's also a cringy video on that page where I explain this piece if you wan to see me uncomfortably talking about it and myself.

Crocker Museum detail

Crocker Museum detail

Crocker Museum date

Crocker Museum detail 3

Carrie Cottini and Robert Bowen

Carrie Cottini with her piece "SWARM" alongside her hubby (and my studio hubby) Robert Bowen

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