Sleazefest 07. Finally had a fun reason to get to the Reno Zoo this year. See a bunch of 'ol friends play in thrash, metal, punk, shit and other bands that are new to me and bands that haven't played for a long time and other peeps in town that I never see.

First night at Shea's: Gahenna, Dirty Girls, Crystal Antlers, Indian Giver, Tafkata & more.

Sadie and Jesse

Big Bawlz


Max up from AZ

Dean taught me how to skate launch ramps when I was 15

Ryan and Andy Mckinnie

Nieve & Jesse

Gahenna: Rhodes, Josh, Dean & Cheese

Nieve's learning the proper claw etiquette

Next day. This hangs in my aunt's kitchen

A small portion of my gigantic family. This is a combined birthday/ going away party for my cousins graduating high school.

Next day. Missed the second and biggest night of Sleazefest and forgot about the Reno River Rat race which is what Toby is sunburned from. I just sat on my ass on a beach up in Tahoe all afternoon to get burned.

Next night at Satellite: Discreet Doll Band, Mother Fucking Titty Suckers, Vomit Bomb, Harpoon Guns, Good Citizen, Friendly Neighbors, Critical Picnic, Bindlestiffs, Testerosa.

Rhoades lighting up Cheese

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