Driving from Oakland to Huntington Beach for Hurricane Pat's wedding. We're driving in 6 lanes of shit traffic on the 405 and look over to see one of my best friends (and longtime roommate/co-dog owner) Jack Darnell. He was driving a rental car as well back to San Diego and somehow spotted us.

The creepy thing was that the radio said this:

We got Jack to pull over and hang out with us all weekend. Yaya. Here we are at the Beach just after missing Pat's wedding.

This is Pat. When he introduced me to his bride his first words were, "This is Daryll, last time I saw him I peed in his plant."

Gonz groom shoes

Missed the wedding, but the reception was pretty good.

Back up to LA to stay with Jim Darling (left) and Tina Anderson, and now...Jack (right). Coozies all around.

Someone's birthday party. This is buttface Keegan.

Hiding from dancing

Jim loves Frida

Leaving Joe's diner on Abbott Kinney, my favorite breakfast hangover spot. Jim, Tina, Jack and Nieve.

The Hosner's of Thinkspace and Sour Harvest host sketchbook art BBQ's during the summer. Nice folks!

Here's Shawn grillin' up a veggie burger for my face hole.

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