Our homies Robbie Bolick and Lesley Reppeteaux were in town, so Dan and Casey's Christmas present to all of us (Rob, Les, Tadashi, Greg, Megan and myself) was to cook up some'fin scrumptious. They made these stuffed peppers filled with goodness and 7 different kinds of rice.

Lesley is prepping for her year in Paris:

After filling our face holes, we headed over to Greg and Megan's to make ornaments for their 'lil Christmas tree. I used the grape stems for antlers on my Santa with a combover box-head dood.

Tadashi's skull cork

Rob's broken belt buckle ornament

Rob's upsidown skull cross

Rob's ornament of pain

Re-appropriated Halloween decorations

Dan & Thriller: Out

Team Boliteaux had to do a little work in our studio

On our way to the Redwoods. Right about here things started to get real weird.

Then weirder. Its a fort, get it?

Then uncontrollably weird. I think Lesley is peeing herself a wee bit in this photo.

Dan's cookies beat out my stovetop burned smores, although I recommend those too.


Then everything got pretty white and nerdy til the sun came up.

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