The trip back home to Oakland started off alright with a malty belated Christmas present from Tadashi.

Veni Veni Vici/ ArtNowSF/ Juxtapoz release party at Club 6. This here fella, John, used to direct me in plays I was in when I was 11 or 12.

Some hazy live paintering by Kris D downstairs

...and Xavi

Casey and Muggs gettin' crunk.

Casey made this apron from a foil skeleton 5XL ghetto dress I bought at the sketchmart.

Got to meet up with my homey Josh Yoches in his studio and finally print these shirts I've been wanting to make since the world lost a friend a year ago, Beau Shaver.

Josh already had some pre-stenciled shirts with these tear drop formations that fit for a perfect collaboration.

Don't remember this but am assuming its somewhere in the Mission.

Greg's fireplace.

Sleeping Muni.

Worked in Chronicle books for a day. Not for them, just from there. Sooper chill place with a great view of the Ballpark and Bay.

Missing life here.

Checked out this exhibit by Merkley at 111 Minna. 111 naked girls for $111. Pretty rad heavily photoshopped images of SF's finest. Merkley has a good way of portraying the ideal woman/male fantasies in every one of these vastly different photos. Check out his photos and book HERE.

Lazer Sword in the bathroom in Double Dutch.

Ran into Idiom there. Check out his beats HERE.

Favorite new Oakland spot. Eat here.

Skater of the Year Thrasher party.

The The Great American Music Hall has some cool shit.

Valient Thorr ripped up my face.

Thrasher has way better photos HERE.

Met up with some peeps in the worst bar ever. If you recognize this place, fuck you!

Rosy flew out and surprised my drunk ars. Quite an amazing evening.

Tadashi & Rosy

Some pretty cool letters on the ground. I really hope a 5 year old wrote these, otherwise we're all fucked. No child left behind brought us to this.

Starting in on Dan's 30th birthday. The goal is to all drink 30 drinks by the end of the day. Had to set an alarm for this shit to get started with bottomless Mimosa's at the gayest place I've ever been. I don't mean that in a bad way, we just walked into this glowing hot pink nightclub breakfast place at 10am to a drunken gigglefest blasting Fiddy Cent. The 7 mimosas helped dilute the shamed of my muscular physique and personal grooming capabilities. Awesome food and $6 bottomless mimosas.

Drinks are working.

Decided to make a tourist day of it.

Whoa, land!

Drinks on the pier.

I think someone said something about Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

I'm guessing drink 15 or so.

Reno represent.

Unicorn dance.


This is Tony, check out some of his film and animation work HERE.





Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe

New Oakland sculpture around the corner from my house.

Started skating for the first time in 10 months after some elbow reconstruction surgery. Here's Tadashi ripping in my face at a ramp in Concord.

Even the ceiling creature was laughing at me.

Best birthday card ever.

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The skeeno terrain said...

Pretty sweet blog out dude! Laughed so hard at the shot of Dan on the couch in sweats (size xxxl?) Is that a preview of new clothing style to come; the inner pocket chill? Hope all is well, take care.