I painted this piece for my homey Peat Wollaeger's luchador masks collaboration project opening at Club 6 on March 8th. Peat will be stenciling in the eyes and mouth. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece at the show.

VVV Juxtapoz Release Show flier

Juxtapoz and ArtNowSF present "Veni Vidi Vici" at Club 6 (60 6th st, SF, CA) on March 8th. Artists include Andy Howell, Shawn Barber, Robert Hardgrove, MCA, Upso, Abe Lincoln Jr, Mildred, Damion Silver, Mike Maxwell, Daryll Peirce, C'Babi Bayoc, Giant Killer, Food One, Porous Walker, SFaustina, Ethen B. Luce, Langley, Tat Suarez, Sham, Ice Cream Man, Process, John Casey, Kevin Taylor, Gimek Crew, Alicia Lachance, Adam 5100, Apex, Johnny Robles, Nerfect, Ert, Dasco, El Ganas, Alex Yanes and more. Free before 10 with open bar! $10 till 11:00 and $15 after. RSVP here if you'd like.

Here's how some of the masks are coming out so far.

Check out this video from Peat's "Hillbillies and Mexican Wrestlers" show last year's where he painted and brought in a ring to wrestle his sons at Mad Art Gallery.

Also check out his "Casa de Luchador" installation in the Hotel Des Arts SF. Luchador's isn't all Peat paints, its just the theme for this exhibit. Check out more of his work at Stensoul.com and pick up one of his Mountain Dew bottles to tickle yer innards.

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Peat Wollaeger (stenSOUL.com) said...

Yo thanks for the shout out on this...

You mask is dope!!!
See you at the show!