Headed over to the Limited Addiction Gallery to get a gander at Gregory Euclid's preview show. Best exhibit I've seen in Denver since moving here, good, good stuff and Greg is a sooper mellow dood with no qualms about speaking from his heart about his work and having a good time too. Truly beautiful work...

Hand shaped resin dome sealed over work and then heated allowing nature to force its way through its plastic prison.

Had my eye on this one, too bad I'm poor. Next time.

Walking installation created on site the days before the opening.

Gregory and gallery owner/curator Dave Smith.

Then it was off to check out some robots burn some shit.

This is my lady's little brother Johnny. He's part of the Motoman Project which builds and destroys using robot wizardry. They're getting ready to open for Slayer on Halloween.

Riot patrol about to get burninated.

An old time iron pour started the nights events off. Showing the historic process and its many uses like molten steel ball bowling.

This glowing orb is a 1000ยบ molten iron bowling ball weighing about 70lbs.

Built for writing down your darkest thoughts and secrets and burning 'em through a little slit in the side. Here's someone's desire to have skin pockets sewn into their hips one going up in flames.

Eyebrows: gone.

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