Last summer we headed south again to LA and SD to visit some friends, check out some shows and go to a wedding. There's some good artness, so I thought I'd post...really late.

Our first stop was to meet up and stay with the Darlings. They are called that because it's their last name. Yay. Moving on, Jim and Tina are awesome at life and even awesom-er at art. See for yourself. They've been speckled throughout several of my posts. Here they are at a show we stopped through on the way from LAX to their house.

These are the only three photos from the first night. Apparently Ogre from Nerds was in this bar, but I'm the only one who didn't notice. Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!

Jim's Hulk hand chugger. Good touch. This went on till 6am or so. They're always good late night company.

The next day we checked out some of their new work and the other art around the house. This was Jim's latest piece...dope!

Tina was wrapping up this piece for her Thinkspace show.

Another piece of Tina's

Telephone cans for telephone wires.

Evan Hecox

Tina's illustration for the Vagina Monologues

Rich Jacobs

Patrick Winfield

Ahren Hertel and Armsrock

Hecox, Dave Kinsey, Jesse Jones, Michael Sieben, and others. I picked up Jim's piece on the bottom.

Sieben close-up

Rich Jacobs

Jordan Isip


Daniel Vigil


Tina & Dan Weise

One of Jim's pieces from when we were in college. Still rad.

Dan Weise, Jim and Tina

Tina's close up


New piece of Jim's in the works

Caroline Hwang

Older small pieces of Jim's


Checked out the Carmichael opening with Amandalynn, HUSH, Flip, and Other


more hugs

more hugs

more hugs

Venice Beach Day

On to San Diego. 5 am sunrise and surf day with Jack and Chad.

My dog Billie always welcomes me to SD.


O.B. is free roaming rabbit friendly.

Eva and Creme pre-party

Eva mid-party

Miss the pier

Jack in mid gargoyle. If you ever need to sever ties with a girlfriend, family, boss, just master the "gargoyle" technique.

Headed to Distinction Gallery for the opening of "Project 57" a benefit show for Lewy Body disease.

I donated this piece entitled "We Float".

Ahren Hertel

Packed crowd

Tamara's Wedding.

Jim and Tina have an upcoming show together at the Open Space Gallery in Beacon, New York called "The Over Under Show". If you live in or close to NY, go check it out. I've seen some previews and it's going to be a showstopper for sure.


Anonymous said...

We are in the middle of an armpit town in Wyoming headed for NY. It sucks. Your blog is much better than this terd place. We hearts you a lots.
-Da Darlins

Aunt Party said...

Ah, nice to catch up via the world wide interweb. Miss your faces.