NY Summer

Photo of Logan Hicks by Martha Cooper.

Made it back out to NY for a show upstate in Beacon and to paint for a large-scale project to be unveiled in about a year.

First stop was Willoughby Windows. Put together by the folks of Ad Hoc who managed to acquire usage of these abandoned store fronts and hand 'em over to the seasoned Brooklyn-based artists Cannonball Press, Chris Stain, Cycle, Dennis McNett, Ellis G,
Gaia, Greg Lamarche, John Ahearn, Josh MacPhee, Lady Pink, Logan Hicks, Michael De Feo, Morning Breath, and Tom Beale.

Here's two close-ups of Dennis McNett's window. The glare on the windows while I was there was terrible. For much better photos and coverage of the work, check out Ad Hoc's and Arrested Motion's coverage.

De Feo close-up.

The Willoughby after party was on top of a building close-by. Free beer in New York is always my favorite kind of beer. It's like making $9 a pop. Quick reunion with Logan and Arvay and we got straight to business.

Alison and Garrison of Ad Hoc are always good company. They have some really exciting upcoming plans. Looking forward to seeing how everything develops.

Walking through glass.

Group show at Gallery 506 in Beacon, NY that my homie Jesse Jones put together with friends, Joe Heaps Nelson, Dean Hunter-Cutrona, Christopher Smith, Michael X. Rose, Dave Tree, Adam Suerte and myself. Fun show and group of doods.

Dave Tree

Dean and Michael

Joe Heaps Nelson

Michael's home-made breads, cheeses, and lime/chili chicken strips and iced tea. Damn!

Across the street, Electric Windows was still up and aging well.

Jesse Jones

Joe Heaps Nelson

Michael X Rose

Dave Tree


Dave Tree. Too soon?

Jim Darling's smoking guy behind the Electric Windows building.

Next store Open Space had a great opening as well. Jim Darling's plane was still in the back.

As well as some in-progress Thundercut work.

Met this guy who sketched my likeness on the train back to the city.

Opening of the High Line street fair.

These communism-esce era towers loomed over the start of the High Line. Kind of gross. Apparently they're a really swanky hotel called The Standard.

Movable reclined benches along the old train tracks.

Logan's son Sailor

Arvay's dog...sorry.


Jesse Jones has some cool cameras.

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