Recently I was invited to be a part of Andy Howell's, which is essentially a curated online marketplace featuring work and goods of artists such as Howell, Alex Pardee, Caia Koopman and Chris Ryniak. So far I have some skateboard decks, a black and white coffee mug set, posters, shirts and a tote bag design based on my original tote created for Open Space's benefit show. Have a look at it all here.

Also, here's some current coupon codes I found for the site good through the end of 2009: 10% Off T-Shirts - "10OffTShirts" 10% off Mugs - "10SaleOnMugs"

More info on ArtsProjekt:

ARTSPROJEKT is a curated platform that empowers emerging and establish artists and brands to connect, collaborate, and showcase original art, designs and ideas with fans and consumers. My life has been dedicated to creative innovation in all areas of youth culture, art and action sports - with ARTSPROJEKT I combine over 25 years experience with my desire to liberate artists worldwide. The result is the ARTSPROJEKT platform, a playground in which the world's most creative individuals and brands can turn unique ideas into dynamic product experiences that best represent each individual artist and brand.

This platform wouldn't be possible without the most incredible crew of product developers and engineers I have ever worked with, the Zazzle team. My vision of creating the premier youth-centric art, music, pop culture, and action sports on-demand retail platform was made possible by this team and their technology. By fusing the culturally relevant ARTSPROJEKT vision with Zazzle's unmatched on-demand retail platform, engineering, product development, and e-commerce expertise, we've created a powerful ARTSPROJEKT experience that is unlike anything ever done before.

The new ARTSPROJEKT/Zazzle experience offers consumers a robust marketplace with the highest quality retail products, and empowers artists to showcase original art in a safe and secure shopping environment. ARTSPROJEKT is an entirely new community of artistic expression and freedom.

I welcome you to ARTSPROJEKT, and hope you enjoy.

Thanks all of you who share the vision!
-Andy Howell / founder ARTSPROJEKT

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