G40 - Washington DC

I hadn't been to the Capital since I was a kid and was truly blown away by the whole DC experience. I don't think DC's seen any exhibition of such raw contemporary work anywhere close to the magnitude of G40. Thanks to Art Whino and DC for putting on this massive event and all the local artists we got to know showed us the town's hidden gems.

It was expectedly rad meeting up with longtime friend Jim Darling for some good 'ol painting and beer drinking times.

Our finished walls

Though this is a lengthy post, it barely touches on the amount of work installed throughout the 5 Floors for New York, California, DC, Worldwide and collaborations, bands, events, classes, etc. The show is still going on as I write this with regular hours and special events all month long. Get there. Full list of artists.


Daniel Fleres getting it opposite Angry Woebots.

While we were looking at the Pentagon, two cops were just shot at the entrance. They lived, shooter did not.

...and elevator down. 

Good spot, don't remember the name. Kelly Castillo feelin' it and Joseph Stein feelin' the Chimay.

Fleres and Ina up early for some painting.

Jim stinking up the place.

Tracy from The ARTery in Costa Mesa.

It may not look like it, but this is around 5 or 6am after a night of bars and speakeasies. Jim, Palmetto and Brandon.

I can't remember who all lived and worked here, but there was a ton of artwork in progress. Good spot and awesome peeps. Peter Chang, Mary Spring, Lee, Francisco and Tracy. 


Jim and and Tina Darling's finished wall. She couldn't make it because she's building a baby and fumes are bad. Missed her. Here's her pieces:

Paul Chatem going down slow



Shane of Art Whino and Joseph Stein

Codak, Woes and Joseph Stein finished wall.

Daniel Fleres finished wall

Brandon "Baby Chicken"

Live painting night with Remi. Not that into painting as entertainment myself. Makes me feel kinda weird. Oh well, got talked into it. 

Ladies and gentleman, this is art.

Brandon Baby Chicken from Baltimore.

My childhood neighbors and longtime friends Tori and Sean both living in DC now.

Patrick Fatica is a Lost fan.

Remi Mead and Angry Woebots

Gaia's Reagan

I hadn't seen Paper Monster since Beacon. He was all over the New York floor.



More Joseph Stein

Mary Spring


The DC Metro stations are scary clean.

Times were good.

Damn right!

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