NYC - Willoughby Windows 2 & Welling Court Mural Project

I realized I wouldn't have time to create my piece for Willoughby Windows 2 while in New York so I created 21 panels that could break down and fit under the plane. Stain, acrylic and enamel on wood.

"Face Plant" is installed and set to be lit up at 5:00 every night for the next year at least.

Jesse Jones here helped me build a false wall from lumber within the building to support the piece.

Helping Thundercut friends install their characters.





Jef Aerosol

C. Damage

Ron English

Chris Mendoza & Pablo Power

Laura Lee

Garrison of AdHoc and Joe Lurato in front of Joe's piece. He had some nice things to say on this BBC piece they did on the project:

Kobrah in front of Hellbent's space.

Logan Hicks and Greg

Logan's son Sailor is getting much bigger. Not an ounce of shyness and talking up a storm. Here's Logan sizing up the massive melon on their friends' visiting little one.

Sweet custom Dabs & Myla piece for Sailor.

Pigeon that hung itself outside the Spin Magazine office.

Checked out the Roa show at Factory Fresh. Dig it!

Roa and Logan

Spent a day checking out Logan's new studio.

Spent a fun afternoon with 'ol Reno pals Greg & Dena. Also had some fun adventures with 2 people, one bike.

When in Brooklyn, go to Papacitos. The best food period. They have a killer drink menu too. This is my friend Kat, one of the owners representing Troll Musk, the band you wished you'd listened to when they were alive, but instead you're stuck jamming out to their classic hits circa 2042.

Here's Jesse again. He's an amazing primate-influenced artist as well as singer for a few bands, one of those being the legendary NYHC band Yuppicide. Well, they just happen to be playing their first show in 12 years while I'm here. Here's Jesse picking up his custom outfit made for his show by Kenley Collins. Those of you with cable may recognize her as a finalist on Project Runway. Nice!

Stopped by Joe Heaps and Leighan's spot for their move-out party. 

Michael X Rose's King Kong vs Moby Dick.

The aforementioned show and result photo. If you look close you may recognize one of the 4 long haired dudes in the background of the packed Webster Hall.

Friends drinking and texting, yay. Lori shreds at life.

Had to bust this out in the 5 hours it didn't rain my last day there for Welling Court. 

I had to paint mine a day early, so unfortunately I don't have any photos of the other walls.

Ray and Janette were awesome. Chilled with me the whole day along with a lot of neighborhood kids and gave me a ride back to the train station. Loved the welcoming community vibes up there!

This is what getting to your friend's SoHo art show late looks like. Bummer.

Oh well, still had an epic night with friends, food, drinks and debauchery.

...and weirdness.

...and weirderness. Thanks.

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