Ephemeral Beauty Opening

Gallery Heist owner and curator Julianne Yates gathered some wood and wheat pasted remnants throughout San Francisco and Oakland and went to work creating textured "Frankensteined" panels for us to work with. Us being a group of artists from around the world known for street work in some form or another including Hugh Leeman, Sean Desmond, Nate Van Dyke, Thank You, Brett Amory, Mario Ayala, Gaia, Ludo, Miso, Keef Ward, Daryll Peirce, Armo, Press Pause, Marcos Lafarga and David Roselle. Being fond of found materials myself, I was more than game to jump on the ship.

The concept of this show was to bring in work that looked like it was chopped right out of the street and hung on the wall. Elements that aren't made to last are turned into finished works and brought into the gallery context. The show also coincided with some nearby external walls and having some of the artists in residence to create their works in front of the public eye and on live video the week prior to the opening.

Daryll Peirce

Mario Ayala

Julianne Yates

Marcos Lafarga

Mario Ayala

Brett Amory

Nate Van Dyke



Photos by Sami Naffziger

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