1xRUN Release

Hey folks, I have a run of 5 prints dropping Monday, October 8th at 12:00pm EST from the fine folks of 1xRUN for $75. All color has been hand-painted into the reproductions of my original black and white drawing for "Or the Bad News First." Check out the site for the full in-depth interview and snag one at high noon if you feel so inclined.




Original paintings of "Would You Like the Good News" and "Or the Bad News First" also available through 1xRUN.

Again, there's a more in-depth interview on the site, but here's a quick run-down of the piece itself:

I often work in multiple pieces and diptychs to tell a story and emphasize the alternate sides of certain subjects. I had originally created individual pieces, one with a left hand and the other right hand each holding a flowering structure. The right hand holds one colonized flowering micro-environment cluster of living thriving vitality and the other of apathy, negligence, and wilting death. I suppose they're rooted in our inherent connection to our natural and self-made environments and our role as self-aware and bipolar beings with the power to sustain or destroy ourselves consciously. More literally, we are always faced with choices and in one hand you may hold an improved future and in the other our destruction. I've also struggled with personal self-destructive issues as well which is a constant choice we all face to various degrees.

Thanks and cheers!

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