No Looking Back

Beginning January 4th, 2013, Marcos LaFarga, Jaime Molina and myself were brought together for "No Looking Back" at LeQuiVive Gallery in Oakland.

I've know Marcos for some time now and this was a great excuse to bring our work together, hang out and toss some back while we painted a wall. Jaime Molina comes from Denver, which is a town I dig and lived for many years and his interactive sculptural and 2D works were a great fit. Good times all around so I thought I'd share some process and opening night photos. Also, some works and/or prints will be available on LeQuiVive's site soonish.

"No Looking Back" video by Maria Romero

The gallery had some rather large walls so I was able to hang my 20ft "A Forest" piece made of 20 modular panels as a backdrop in a more dispersed and dissolving way.

"Collective Consciousness Dissection 3"


Some experimental new works. I'm loving this fresh for 2013 path.

Process of "Wading"

"Isolating the Collective Consciousness (Fears of Singularity)"

Dan & Greg

Jaime Molina

Marcos LaFarga

Gratuitous crowd shot

Regal lads Brett Amory, Robert Bowen and Marcos LaFarga.

Homies Greg, Tadashi and Lucian Shapiro.

It's really hard to talk with interested art folks when you have a 2 year old hanging from your hair.

Mary and John Casey

My daughter Poppy's gift from John. A Poppy-headed lass sticker.


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